Here’s How Old Insulation May Be Increasing Your Monthly Expenses

Your energy bill is one of your biggest utilities, and if you’ve ever limited the time you spent on your electronics just to see little to no changes on your bill, you’ve probably felt insane trying to find the real cause. Don’t worry, we have the answer. The #1 energy-spender in your home is your air conditioning unit, but we know a good fix. Learn more about how having old insulation can be increasing your monthly expenses before reaching out to Foam Bear Orlando for energy-efficient insulation near you!

What Poor Insulation Does to Your Property

Just having insulation in your home isn’t enough to promote an energy-efficient space. Over time, traditional insulation materials like fiberglass and cellulose become old and frail. This aging process causes insulation to lose its R-value and thermal resistance which means your AC system needs to put in the work to make up for it. For insulation that provides a higher rating and preserves its R-value over time, spray foam insulation is a worthwhile investment.

Another reason why your AC may be putting in extra work could be due to drafts which cause you to lose any conditioned air that it creates. If you just installed new insulation but you’re not seeing a decrease in your energy usage, you may need to check your home for air leaks.

Does Your AC Really Use That Much Energy?

Every time your HVAC kicks on, it uses an insane amount of energy to accommodate every room in the house. When your poorly insulated home doesn’t maintain a set temperature or can’t contain indoor air, your air conditioner will activate plenty more times than it should. This can easily double or triple the amount of energy you spend just trying to keep your home comfortable throughout the day. Don’t believe us? The U.S. Department of Energy claims that 49% of a home’s energy is spent on the AC. It’s not speculation, it’s a straight-up fact!

The Sunk-Cost Fallacy

Some homeowners are aware of the increased energy charges due to poor insulation. However, people commonly believe that the cost of installing brand-new insulation outweighs the monthly charges they currently experience. But when you consider how many months and how many years you’re overspending on energy, you’ll come to realize that the exact opposite is true. Upgrading your insulation sooner rather than later is the best way to save on energy costs over time. The longer you put it off, the more cash you’re letting fly out the window.

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Need an Upgrade? Try Spray Foam Insulation

It’s no secret that spray foam is currently the best type of insulation you can get. Because of its higher R-value, ability to cut off drafts, and lifespan of up to 100 years, it’s worth it to upgrade from fiberglass to spray foam insulation for all of these reasons and more. It’s an investment that you only need to make once for a literal lifetime of energy savings!

Save Money by Switching to Energy-Efficient Insulation From Foam Bear!

Looking to cut energy charges and save money with brand-new spray foam insulation? Foam Bear Orlando offers premium spray foam products backed by expert installation near you! Call (727) 580-1090 to learn more about how you can save on upgrading your insulation followed by a free estimate.

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