New Construction

New Construction

Certified Spray Foam Installer

Bolster the framework of your new construction with foam insulation

Whether your new construction project is for a new residential home or a commercial building, integrating spray foam insulation during the building process will ensure that your structure is secure in all aspects.

One of the major reasons why people opt for foam insulation is due to its energy-efficient properties which make traditional insulation made from wool or fiberglass practically obsolete. The energy efficiency of spray foam is especially beneficial for high-performance commercial establishments, but of course, any type of building will be able to reap all of the benefits that foam insulation has to offer.

If you’re currently planning out a new construction project, call the professional spray foam installers at Foam Bear so we can assist you in the process! We’re one of the best spray foam installation companies in Florida with over 25 years of expertise in the industry.

We use world-leading polyurethane spray foam! Huntsman brand insulation foam provides the best architectural support compared to most competitors. By using the industry’s highest R-values, Huntsman foam improves building efficiency and delivers a more comfortable environment.


The versatility of spray foam makes it the most ideal and practical option to use during new construction and renovations. The lightweight and durable nature of foam can easily be applied according to the project at hand, paving the way for limitless innovation. Take a look at the incredible amount of other beneficial features for new construction applications:

Checkmark IconActs as an air and vapor barrier

Checkmark IconFree of fibrous materials, CFCs, and HCFCs which contain harmful chemicals

Checkmark IconMeets residential energy codes

Checkmark IconSticks to a wide range of substrates

Checkmark IconStays preserved over a long period of time

Checkmark IconAdds to the overall structural strength

Checkmark IconComes with a limited lifetime warranty

Receiving all of these perks during your new construction is as easy as calling a local spray foam insulation company like Foam Bear. Our professional spray foam installers have years of training in effectively reinforcing buildings during the construction phase so you can rely on us!


It won’t take much of your time to enhance your new construction project with spray foam insulation. Since we use Huntsman brand foam, you can receive improved thermal installation with shorter job completion times. Spray foam is adaptable enough to use with ease, and our spray insulation installers are trained to use it even more efficiently. Not to mention, it adequately seals and insulates in a single application to further speed up the process. It also uses less building materials, thus reducing job site waste.

Call the local spray foam insulation contractors at Foam Bear for your new construction plan! We’ll be in and out in a flash, and your future building will give you all of the amazing benefits to show for it.

High-density closed-cell foam acts as a multipurpose barrier. Protect your new building from drafts, water, and vapor which could overwork your air conditioner or create an environment for mold to grow. Closed-cell foam also improves the establishment’s structural strength.


The cost to install foam insulation comes at a low interest rate when you seek out the certified spray foam installers at Foam Bear! We also offer limited warranties because we vouch for the integrity and benefits of spray foam insulation.

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