Spray Foam Insulation Companies in My Area

Reinforce your commercial building with cost-saving foam

The comfort and cleanliness of your commercial building have a great impact on whether your customers view you as a successful business. The absence of pests, drafts, dust mites, and so on creates a welcome environment that they’ll be eager to revisit. Spray foam insulation not only protects your establishment, but also saves you money from lack of maintenance costs.

Ready to reap the benefits of spray insulation for your business? The local spray foam installers at Foam Bear use the best products to give you all-around protection from problematic hazards. We proudly serve central Florida cities like Tampa, St. Petersburg, New Port Richey, Clearwater, Sarasota, and Orlando.

Save up to 50% in long-term costs with Foam Bear! By reducing the need for pest control services, biohazard quarantines, and overworked air conditioning unit repairs, you can spend your hard-earned profits elsewhere.


Spray foam can shelter your establishment in more ways than one. By calling the best spray foam contractors at Foam Bear, you’ll receive protection by:

Checkmark IconWarding off unwanted pests

Checkmark IconBlocking out cold drafts

Checkmark IconPreserving good air quality

Checkmark IconPreventing condensation

Checkmark IconMuffling outside noise

Checkmark IconKeeping away dust and other debris

By preventing these countless threats from entering your commercial building, both you and your customers will have a much more pleasant time conducting business in a comfortable environment. Not to mention, your overall aesthetic will come off as extremely professional which will reflect an approachable and reliable face to anyone who walks in. Let Foam Bear set the scene for your surefire success!


People admire eco-friendly businesses and are more likely to look into their services. Creating a greener establishment is as easy as calling a certified spray foam installer at Foam Bear! We use Huntsman brand open-cell and closed-cell spray foam made from recycled plastic by utilizing EcoThermal technology.

Huntsman foam fights back against plastic waste for a cleaner environment, but spray insulation also provides enough fortification to be qualified as energy-saving by reducing the need for your air conditioning unit. By sealing up all of the gaps in your commercial building, your HVAC won’t kick on as much thus reducing carbon emissions.

Huntsman recycles over 250 million plastic bottles a year. The amount of spray foam in an average household is equivalent to 4,000 bottles. It doesn’t take much math to know that a larger commercial building would be recycling way more than that!


Spray foam installation can be done either during the construction phase of a new building or at an existing establishment. What’s important is making sure to call one of the best spray foam companies like Foam Bear in Florida! We’ll make sure your commercial building is reinforced enough to offer long-lasting, foolproof protection at low-interest rates.

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