Vaccum and Removal

Vaccum and Removal

Insulation Removal and Replacement Near Me

Vacuum and remove your outdated insulation for new spray foam insulation

Traditional insulation such as fiberglass only lasts around 15-20 years compared to the much longer lifespan of spray foam insulation at 80-100 years. Rather than replacing your traditional insulation with the same low-quality material, it’s worth it to make the upgrade to the resilient and protective qualities of spray foam. Save time and money by letting Foam Bear handle the job so you can sit back and enjoy the results!

At Foam Bear, we use a robust 23-horsepower vacuum to remove your old insulation while removing any mold, pests, and other harmful elements that could be living in your building due to poor sealing. Call us today so we can help you clear the house and give you a fresh start!


Your current insulation could actually be harming your residence or commercial building in several ways that you don’t realize. If gaps aren’t sealed properly, it can be mistaken as an open invitation for pests, allergens, moisture, drafts, and so on. Many of these can pose a health risk if not taken care of which is why it’s best to remove old insulation in place of spray foam insulation which provides a tight enough seal to prevent these hazards from entering in the first place.

By switching out your insulation to spray foam, you’ll notice:

Checkmark IconLower energy bills

Checkmark IconBetter air quality

Checkmark IconA stronger structure

Checkmark IconMinimal moisture

The certified spray foam installers at Foam Bear have years of experience in the industry. That means we’re extremely knowledgeable in the downsides of traditional insulation as well as the incredible benefits of spray foam insulation. You can give us a call at any time and we’ll answer any questions you may have before making the switch.

Remove batt insulation for better results! Batt (or blanket) insulation made of fiberglass or mineral wool sheets doesn’t offer nearly as much shielding and protection as spray foam insulation. Most buildings equipped with blanket insulation suffer from mold, condensation, air leaks, insects, and rodents. You can easily avoid the trouble by switching to spray foam reinforcement.


Removing insulation involves a great deal of time, money, and intense labor. Trying to take on the job yourself could overwork your body and expose you to health risks such as inhaling fiberglass particles which are harmful to your lungs or coming into contact with asbestos which can induce diseases. Having to reach high places can also put you at risk for falling incidents.

Other than immediate risks to your wellbeing, removing insulation requires specialized tools which could hurt your wallet regardless of whether you purchase or rent them. For example, it’s absolutely necessary to have a high-powered vacuum for the job. However, the rental prices typically run high.

It can take hours for an inexperienced individual to try and remove insulation by themselves. At Foam Bear, our experts have the tools and the skills needed to take down your old insulation with peak efficiency. Give us a call to save time and money while looking out for your health. Let us handle everything for guaranteed satisfaction!


Why spend more money and work yourself to death trying to remove your old insulation on your own when you could be saving money and labor by calling Foam Bear? Reach out today for a free estimate and get started on upgrading your home’s integrity.

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