Here’s 4 Ways How Spray Foam Insulation Preserves R-Value

In Florida, where extreme temperatures and intense weather conditions are the norm, not every type of insulation is great at insulating. But how do you know that yours is doing its job? If you have anything other than spray foam, we can already tell you it’s time for an upgrade. Learn more about how spray foam insulation preserves R-value before reaching out to Foam Bear Orlando for premium spray foam insulation paired with an expert installation near you!

R-Value 101: Why It Matters

The term “R-value” comes up often when researching anything about insulation. That’s because this is the metric used to determine how well a certain material insulates. The higher the R-value, the greater the ability to resist the flow of heat passing through the substance. What does this mean for your humble abode? This factor alone can influence the comfort level of your home as well as your energy usage.

”I have fiberglass insulation. How much R-value do I have?”

Fiberglass may be common, but that’s not because it’s the best. In fact, the R-value for fiberglass is rather low at around 2.9-3.8 which is not a lot, especially for Orlando. Closed-cell spray foam has an R-value of 7 which easily outperforms fiberglass. But how does this sticky substance accomplish such a feat? Let’s go over some of the incredible traits of spray foam that help it retain its high R-value:

1. Spray Foam Keeps Its Shape

A common issue with other insulative materials like cellulose and fiberglass is that they tend to settle over time. Once the material migrates to one side, leaving other areas unprotected, the R-value diminishes. Spray foam is able to maintain its high R-value over time because it holds its shape for many years. You don’t have to worry about the foam settling and leaving behind exposed spots because it’ll stay put exactly where it was sprayed!

2. Spray Foam Can Resist Moisture

Did you know that spray foam can repel water? The same can’t be said about other materials, and that’s one of their many downfalls. In any other situation, moisture can eat away at the insulative material which diminishes its precious R-value. Since spray foam is practically impervious to water damage, moisture won’t cause its R-value to take a hit. The ability to prevent water damage also makes spray foam resistant to mold.

3. Spray Foam Creates An Air-Tight Seal

The versatility of spray foam during the application stage is also crucial in maintaining such a higher R-value. That’s because it expands on impact which is useful for air-sealing your home. By eliminating gaps for cold or hot air to pass through, spray foam excels at being the best insulator in more ways than one!

4. Spray Foam Has A Longer Lifespan

Most of the fiberglass insulation that’s commonly present in homes already has a depreciated R-value. That’s because the effects of fiberglass only last a few years before it degrades, and it’s rare for homeowners to find the desire to replace it so often. This is why poorly insulated homes are practically an epidemic. Spray foam insulation is guaranteed to have a much longer lifespan, primarily due to its durability. This reigns true every time of year.

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Boost Your Home’s R-Value With Spray Foam From Foam Bear!

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