Every Reason Why Air Sealing Your Home Is Beneficial

If you were to air-seal your home, do you think you would notice a difference? Many people would suspect “no” until they see it for themselves. After that, the feeling is unmistakable, but in the best way possible. Discover the benefits of air sealing your home before reaching out to Foam Bear Orlando for top-tier spray foam insulation that doubles as an effective home sealer!

What Does “Air Sealing” Your Home Do?

The process of air sealing your home involves searching for every gap and crack in the home that is exposed to the outdoors and sealing them off for an air-tight environment. This sometimes starts with an audit to calculate an estimate of how much air you’re losing to these air leaks (AKA excess airflow). We’re not talking about just the attic. Air sealing is done throughout the entire house to achieve the ultimate goal of a completely controlled space.

It is not possible to have “too much” air sealing in the home. The pressure may feel different, but that doesn’t mean it’s unsafe.

Cut Down Your Energy Usage (And Save Money)

By eliminating excess airflow, you can control your home’s environment in a way that cuts down on heating and cooling costs. You’ll experience cozier living, for sure, but you’ll also be saving money on reduced energy usage. Some homeowners have reported saving as much as 15% on average due to spending less energy after air-sealing the house!

Lock Out Moisture – It’s More Important That You Think

Sealing up the home is an effective way to limit the moisture inside since it travels through the air. This does a lot more than prevent mold and mildew, although these are a couple of the biggest threats. Many people don’t realize that moisture can contribute to many more issues in the home like rotting wood leading to compromised structural integrity.

Breathe Cleaner Air, Reducing Tissue Waste

Plenty of the illnesses that we contract are transferred through the air. If you don’t seem to be getting any better after calling in sick and staying home, it could be due to the triggering components floating around your safe space. Air sealing the area can help preserve your lungs, sinuses, and overall health.

Maintain Your Home’s True Value

No one wants to live in a house that gets too cold during the winter, too hot during the summer, and too dusty soon after cleaning. Buyers who are susceptible to intense allergy symptoms may also pass up your home for fear of living in an allergen-infested building. That’s why air sealing is something that could potentially look great on a property listing.

Close The Door On Gross And Filthy Pests

Air sealing can easily keep pests outside where they belong. It doesn’t matter if they’re bugs or rodents, it’ll be nearly impossible for them to penetrate the substance used to seal up the property.

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Help Insulation Operate At Its Best

There’s plenty of debate over whether it’s better to insulate or air seal the home, or if the two need to be done simultaneously to get the full effect of your insulation. You can easily bypass this conundrum by using spray foam insulation which has a high R-value as an insulator while being able to expand to seal off gaps. It’s like a two-for-one material with no drawbacks!

Is Air Sealing The House Hard? Not With Professional Help!

It can feel nearly impossible to find and seal all of the gaps in your home, so let Foam Bear Orlando do it for you! Call (727) 580-1090 today so we can air-seal your home with top-notch spray foam insulation. Ask for a free estimate on your next service!