Is Your Home Energy Efficient? 5 Ways to Decrease Your Energy Use

Energy efficiency isn’t a trend or a luxury, it’s a vital component of the future of our climate. If you want to play your part in a happier planet while saving money on your electric bill, Foam Bear Orlando has all the little tips and tricks to decrease energy usage in your home. By making a healthy habit out of these actions, you’ll see a noticeable difference, and you can feel proud of yourself for supporting our lovely environment in the process.

1. Upgrade Your Equipment to Greener Versions

Whether it’s something as small as a light bulb or as large as a washing machine, most brands of home appliances offer energy-efficient models designed to minimize electricity usage. LED light bulbs are proven to consume much less electricity than traditional bulbs, and green appliances will no doubt cut down your bill. Next time you go shopping, look out for the ENERGY STAR sticker on any machine that you’re checking out.

2. Refrain From Unnecessary Energy Usage

Many of us will flip all the light switches on without a second thought, but every minute that the lights are on is another minute of energy being used. Take advantage of natural lighting during the day and make sure the switch is down in rooms that aren’t being occupied. It also helps to turn off the television or computer if you’re not actively using them.

3. Pay Mind to Your Thermostat

Oftentimes, the air conditioner is the main culprit in high energy usage. Make use of your ceiling fan if you have one and reduce indoor heat by closing your blinds or curtains during the summer. These are all good habits to have while keeping your thermostat set to decent temperatures.

4. Hot Water Uses Energy, too!

It takes a great deal of energy to generate enough heat to warm up water and maintain its temperature. By conserving hot water, you can minimize the number of times your water heater needs to work. One way of doing this is to wash your clothes in cold water. Unless you’re dealing with heavy stains, cold water works just fine for regular loads.

5. Insulation Makes All the Difference

The most significant thing you can do in creating an energy-efficient home is to upgrade your insulation. Most homes come standard with fiberglass sheets, but these don’t always provide a good enough seal to effectively regulate your interior temperatures. Spray foam insulation is more effective in sealing up every little gap that could otherwise lead to an overworked HVAC. Homeowners who have made the switch to spray foam insulation have seen energy bill savings of up to 50%!

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