Here’s How You Can Ensure Your Spray Foam Lasts Longer

Everyone wants their insulation to last as long as possible, and more homeowners are realizing that spray foam can offer the longest lifespan with full decades of protection. But to reach that desired longevity, you need the right prep work, expert installation, and post-installation care. Foam Bear Orlando will be showing you around these steps so your spray foam insulation can last even longer!

What’s The Max That Spray Foam Can Last?

Most types of insulation only last around 20 years on average, requiring the need to replace it every time it gets old. Many homeowners will neglect this tedious and costly task, leading to a large number of uninsulated homes throughout the country. This is why spray foam is becoming increasingly popular, with its high lifespan being a major selling point. But exactly how long does it last, and does it make that much of a difference?

Spray foam insulation can last 80-100 years, which is up to five times longer than traditional insulation materials. That’s incredible and all, but you’ll only have a chance of getting the maximum amount of years by going into it with the right mindset.

Brand Matters – Not All Spray Foam Is The Same

When homeowners become eager to reap the benefits of spray foam, they often make the mistake of believing that any type of spray foam will do the job just fine. Quality matters in this case, and that’s why we highly recommend Huntsman and Icynene spray foam insulation for its reputation in long-lasting products backed by amazing available warranties.

Prep The Surface Area For Success

The reason why DIY spray foam installation doesn’t last nearly as long as expertly installed spray foam is that the average handy person doesn’t think to properly prepare the surface area beforehand. When dust, dirt, or any type of debris is left on the surface when applying spray foam, it greatly hinders the effectiveness since it’s not fully sticking to the area. Think of it this way. Would you brush paint over a dirty fence, or would you hose it down and let it dry first?

Pay Mind To Your Layers

Spray foam isn’t always as easy as pointing the nozzle and watching it go. It takes precise measurements to get long-lasting effects, and that can be difficult to do with a substance that expands on impact. Expert spray foam installers are trained in what they do, including how to get accurate calculations for the right thickness of spray foam layers. Too thin, and your spray foam won’t insulate. Too thick, and your spray foam won’t cure properly. In either of these cases, you won’t achieve the lifespan that you expect.

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Opt For Regular Inspections

Setting up your spray foam for success is a big part of getting the most years out of it, but the battle doesn’t end there. The problem with ignoring your insulation after you install it is the possibility of overlooking any potential problems that may arise that could compromise your spray foam’s longevity. Having a professional perform regular inspections once or twice a year can guarantee the highest possible lifespan by identifying problems ahead of time and adapting to them.

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