7 Common DIY Spray Foam Mistakes To Avoid By Hiring A Professional

You’ve been searching high and low across the internet for a “yes or no” answer to what should be a simple question: Can I DIY spray foam insulation?. Well, here’s an answer coming to you from licensed professionals with years of experience. Yes, you can spray your own foam. However, there’s a good chance that it won’t come out how you want. As your trusted spray foam experts, we’re also here to tell you the most common DIY spray foam mistakes that you can easily avoid by hiring a professional like the ones at Foam Bear Tampa!


1. Underestimating The Amount Of Spray Foam You Get In DIY Kits


The amount of foam that you get in store-bought DIY kits is decent for patch jobs and whatnot, but you can’t expect to insulate an entire home with what it gives you. You would have to buy a few kits for a chance at full coverage, and that’ll cost you much more than just hiring a professional. You also need to account for the cost of damages that come from imperfect installation because let’s face it, you don’t have the training. But that’s perfectly okay because that’s why we’re here!


2. Neglecting To Remove Old Insulation Before Starting


People forget that they already have insulation in their homes when they buy DIY spray foam kits. This often leads to the last-minute decision of placing the foam over the existing insulation, thinking that it’s probably harmless. The truth is that you need to remove old insulation first or else you could be dealing with mold, rot, gaps, and more. Neglecting this fact is just poor practice.


3. Miscalculating The Number Of Safety Precautions


Throwing on a pair of gloves and a mask isn’t always enough protection when handling spray foam insulation. It takes patience and training to avoid the lesser-known safety hazards, like unknowingly touching your face after coming into contact, forgetting that the particles can get in your clothing, or re-occupying the home before the spray foam has had enough time to fully cure.


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4. Unknowingly Applying Spray Foam Near Potential Hazards


Aside from being a threat to yourself, your safety could also be on the line depending on where you apply your spray foam. Many DIYers will make the mistake of installing insulation near electrical equipment and other fire-prone areas. It’s also not a good idea to place the foam where it can easily get wet.


5. Failing To Be Mindful Of Temperatures


Almost like a science experiment, temperatures can greatly alter your entire experience. The spray foam must be at an appropriate temperature when it’s applied or it might not stick and settle properly. The temperature of the room can also exhibit similar effects if it’s too cold or too hot.


6. Spraying Foam In An Inconsistent Manner


It takes skill to eject spray foam at a consistent thickness throughout the entire installation process. This task is harder than it sounds, and we don’t expect an untrained individual to be good at it first try. If the spray foam is too thin, it won’t insulate like it’s supposed to. But if it’s too thick, it won’t cure all the way in a timely manner.


7. Using A Poor-Quality Spray Foam Product


And lastly, perhaps the biggest mistake that a DIYer can make is choosing a mediocre spray foam product. Not all spray foam offers the same properties, and top-brand spray foam products are typically only available through a certified supplier.


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