How Long Until Spray Foam Insulation Has Fully Cured?

You’ve probably heard about how spray foam insulation is a better alternative to traditional fiberglass for countless reasons. It’s much more effective as an insulator, lasts way longer, and can even save you money on your energy bill. But what can you expect during the installation process? The experts at Foam Bear Tampa are here to tell you how long it takes for spray foam insulation to fully cure so you can plan your day around this essential project when the time comes.

Average Times For Each Stage of the Process

With spray foam insulation, it’s not as simple as how long it takes to dry. Since it’s a complex compound of various substances, there are different stages of the process that you need to actively look out for to effectively determine whether it’s done or not:

  • In less than a minute, the foam will become tack-free
  • In 2-5 minutes, the surface will develop a waterproof skin
  • In 4-24 hours, the spray should be fully cured

The span of 4-24 hours may be a wide gap, but that’s because it ultimately depends on the type of foam, how much is applied, and the temperature of the room. You also need to account for re-occupancy time to avoid exposing yourself to harmful fumes. In case you were wondering, the term “tack-free” refers to the initial dampness of the foam. If you can touch it with a wooden stick without it getting wet, then it is officially declared tack-free. Now, let’s move on to the other details that can affect the overall time it takes for spray foam to cure all the way.

Factors That Can Alter the Cure Time

One important aspect that’s difficult to control is the temperature of the room in which the spray foam is being installed. Just like with most liquids, the presence of heat will cause it to evaporate faster than if it were in the cold. The same goes for spray foam. The ideal temperature for insulating foam to dry quickly is anywhere from 70-80 degrees which is why installation tends to go more smoothly during the warm spring months. However, any atmosphere hotter than that can become too much during the curing process and cause the surface to become brittle and crack before it has a chance to finish. This is because spray foam starts curing from the surface while moving its way inward but once it’s done curing, your spray foam insulation will be able to effectively keep out the summer heat!

Another important factor is the density of the foam and how much is applied in one go. Since curing starts from the outside going in, you can deduce that denser foam like the closed-cell variety can take longer to cure than open-cell foam. And of course, the more that’s applied at once, the longer it will take to cure. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that open-cell is better than closed-cell foam because it can cure faster. Each kind has its benefits and uses, it’s just something to keep in mind.

Fast Spray Foam Insulation In Tampa

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