Keep Out the Summer Heat with Spray Foam Insulation

Have you ever tried cranking your air conditioner in a desperate fight against the unforgiving summer heat, only to end up losing the battle? No matter how you set your thermostat, it won’t matter if your home isn’t properly insulated. The experts at Foam Bear Tampa will teach you how spray foam insulation can effectively keep you out of the summer heat.

Keep Hot Air Outside

The first step in having a cool home is to make sure no heat gets inside. The sun is a very powerful source of heat that can penetrate your walls and fill your home. Therefore, properly insulating your roof is key to shielding against the sun’s intense rays. Dense insulation like closed-cell spray foam is perfect for lining the interior of your roofing as the first line of defense since it’ll be more difficult for heat to penetrate, and the spray foam will absorb most of the heat that it touches.

Keep Cold Air Inside

Once you’ve effectively protected your home from the hot air, the next step is to make sure the cold air that you create with your air conditioning unit stays inside. By making sure that every single little crack and gap in your walls and roofing is completely sealed up, you eliminate any escape route for the cold air to leave your home. Basically, the goal of home insulation regarding temperature is to make it so there’s no way in or out for any source of air. Traditional fiberglass insulation doesn’t effectively seal up gaps which is why you may still experience heat inside of your home. Open-cell spray foam insulation expands up to three inches which makes it ideal for targeting any paths for air to enter or escape.

The Process of Air Exchange

No matter where we go or where we are, we are always completely surrounded by air. It’s just a matter of whether that air is cool or not. When cold air escapes your home through gaps in the wall, it is then replaced by hot air. This is likely the reason why you still feel warm inside the house even when your AC unit is turned on. Expertly-installed spray foam insulation prevents this air exchange from happening so you can be surrounded by only cold air.

How Air Exchange Affects Your AC Unit

If you’re experiencing heat even though you have your thermostat set super low, you’re most likely experiencing an air exchange that causes your AC to unnecessarily overwork itself. When your AC is unable to catch up to meet the demand that you set for it, it’s more prone to breaking. So not only will you have to pay a higher energy bill from it constantly working its hardest, but you may also have to spend money on repairs as well. Worst case, you could need a replacement altogether which will cost you so much more.

Where to Get Spray Foam Insulation in Tampa

Make hot summer days a breeze by securing your home with spray foam insulation! Foam Bear Tampa is the best place in the area to equip your home with either closed-cell or open-cell spray foam insulation, both of which work effectively in keeping hot air out and cold air in. Call us today for a free estimate!