5 Reasons It’s Vital To Hire A Spray Foam Installer You Trust

Spray foam may sound like a foolproof miracle substance, but did you know that it can be rendered useless if installed incorrectly? If you want your brand-new spray foam insulation to bring you the properties that convinced you to switch over from your outdated insulation in the first place, you’ll need spray foam installers you can trust like the specialists at Foam Bear Tampa!

There are certain application techniques and installation procedures that need to be followed to ensure an optimal spray foam experience, or else you’ll be faced with more problems than solutions. Discover the main reasons why it’s better to hire a qualified spray foam installer:

1. Accurate Spray Foam Application Matters

With a rather simple concept like spray foam application, it’s easy to think that anybody could handle such a task even without proper training. However, failing to effectively seal up all gaps, holes, or cracks can lead to issues that can be circumvented with accurately applied spray foam insulation. Some common issues that occur with poor insulation include:

  • Allergen infiltration
  • Dangerous mold
  • Decreased structural integrity
  • Excessive energy usage
  • Risk of illnesses and infections

A trustworthy spray foam installer will know how to install your insulation in a way that leaves little to no gaps to help you avoid these troublesome problems.

2. Unlicensed Spray Foam Installers Can Create Irreversible Risks

A good way to know if a spray foam installer is trustworthy is to ask for proof of their licensing. Some “installers” typically go around doing work unlicensed because they don’t have the training necessary to obtain one, which means that you could end up with damages that they will not compensate for because they are most likely uninsured as well. There is also the risk of voiding your manufacturer’s warranty by doing business with an unqualified spray foam installer.

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3. Save More By Navigating Deceptive Costs

You may be tempted to go with an unlicensed installer that offers cheaper prices upfront, but doing so can lead to other costs that you likely didn’t plan for. Inexperience can easily lead to accidental damages which will then lead to additional costs in fixing, repairing, or replacing parts that were affected. In hindsight, you will wish you would have gone with someone more trustworthy from the get-go.

Is It Cheaper To Use DIY Spray Foam?

Even if you’re wise enough to avoid unlicensed contractors, you may have seen DIY spray foam kits at your local retailer. While these kits are designed to be used yourself, they typically lack the quality of professional spray foam products and services. You could find yourself paying for little to no difference in your home’s interior quality.

4. Get The Full Experience With Licensed Spray Foam Specialists

What do licensed spray foam installers do differently that makes them more trustworthy? They are specially trained to handle all aspects of spray foam, knowing the products and procedures on a personal level as it’s their life’s work. They will know how thick each layer of spray foam should be, how to handle spray foam safely, how to finish the job with longevity in mind, and so on.

5. Reputable Spray Foam Companies Near You Offer Even More

Some spray foam companies offer greater benefits like top-quality brands, exceptional warranties, competitive pricing, and more. These wonderful extras are the reason why people love reputable spray foam companies like Foam Bear for all of their spray foam needs!

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