Foam Insulation Process FAQ

Spray foam may be taking over as the standard for effective energy-saving insulation, but it helps to understand it better before hopping right into it. Take a look at our FAQs regarding the foam insulation process, covering everything from safety measures to getting effective coverage. When you’re ready to get started on high-quality spray foam insulation, call the professionals at Foam Bear Tampa!

When Is The Best Time To Install Spray Foam Insulation?

Ideally, the best time to apply spray foam is during new construction when the walls are completely exposed for easy installation, but of course, that’s not always doable. However, the good thing about spray foam is that it’s easy to use regardless of the type of property and whether it’s already built or not. In fact, you can still reap the benefits of spray foam in old homes!

Where Should I Apply The Spray Foam For The Best Coverage?

Spray foam can be applied almost anywhere where it won’t be a direct fire hazard. It’s commonly used for the walls and crawlspaces, or in the attic. Since it’s so versatile, you can still use spray foam in homes that have flat roofs. A spray foam specialist will be able to inspect your property and identify the best places to apply it, even if you don’t have an attic space.

Do I Need To Prep My Walls Before Spraying The Foam?

Keep in mind that there are certain conditions that are ideal (or less ideal) for applying spray foam insulation. For example, it can be difficult for spray foam to stick if the walls are wet or even slightly damp. The indoor temperatures may also affect how well spray foam performs during installation, so it’s best to avoid days that are too hot or too cold.

Should I Use Closed-Cell Or Open-Cell Spray Foam? Is There A Difference?

Both closed-cell and open-cell spray foam insulation are great at what they do, but it helps to note that closed-cell foam is much more dense to offer you greater protection in strength and that open-cell foam expands larger to fill in gaps and provide cost-effective coverage.

How Long Does Spray Foam Take To Fully Cure?

Almost like applying a new coat of paint, a fresh layer of spray foam insulation will need some time to cure before it can provide you benefits in its best possible state. The curing process can be divided into stages, with each stage ranging from 2 minutes to 24 hours. For the best estimate, you can always ask your local spray foam expert!

Do I Need To Vacate The Premises After Spraying Foam? If So, For How Long?

Before having spray foam installed on your property, you should be prepared to deal with re-occupancy times. Spray foam is relatively safe after it’s done curing, but the initial installation can release microplastics that can be harmful to the lungs. To play it safe, ask your spray foam contractor.

Do I Need To Do Anything Special To Keep My Warranty Valid?

The best way to avoid voiding your warranty is to allow qualified professionals to handle your spray foam insulation. Call your local spray foam contractors for installation and service to ensure that you maintain your warranty!

How Long Does Spray Foam Insulation Last?

Your spray foam insulation from Foam Bear Tampa can last you as long as 80-100 years with no maintenance. That’s a literal lifetime!

Where Can I Get The Best Spray Foam Products And Services In Tampa?

For the best spray foam experience that will last you a lifetime, call Foam Bear Tampa today at (727) 580-1090 to get started on a free estimate! We use top brands for quality assurance, handled by some of the best in the business.