Do I Need To Check My Home For Air Leaks Before Having It Insulated?

Many experts suggest having an inspector detect air leaks in your home which is excellent advice for saving energy, but is it required before installing insulation? There is no definitive answer since each type of insulation is different. What you should be asking is, “What types of insulation benefit from air leak detection?” Foam Bear Orlando is here to guide you on an informed insulation experience for achieving better outcomes.

Detecting air leaks is only beneficial when installing insulation that has air-sealing properties. Having this information won’t matter with insulation that isn’t able to seal up the leaks that you find. Discover what type of insulation should be paired with air leak inspections:

Why Air Leak Inspections Don’t Help With Regular Types of Insulation

Hiring an inspector to find air leaks in your home is only useful if you follow it up with air-sealing methods. Most traditional forms of insulation don’t offer air-tight seals that can make use of the data you collect during a professional inspection:

  • Fiberglass sheets or batt and roll insulation leave gaps along the edges and corners since they’re simply laid out along the wall.
  • Cellulose or loose-fill insulation leaves behind countless gaps and holes throughout the material, being counter-productive when attempting to air-seal your home.
  • Mineral wool insulation is similar to fiberglass sheets in that whole pieces are placed side-by-side, making it nearly impossible to achieve a tight seal.

You could technically find other ways to seal off the air leaks in your home after installing any of the insulation materials listed above, but that would require double the work and compounding costs. For a two-in-one air-sealing and insulating material, spray foam is the best choice.

How Spray Foam Insulation Benefits From Detecting Air Leaks

Spray foam expands on-site, meaning that it can seal up gaps while doing its job as an insulator. In this case, inspecting the place for air leaks can help you achieve better results since your trusted spray foam installer will know which trouble areas they need to focus on and make your home air-tight.

The Benefits of Air-Sealing Your Home With Spray Foam

Why does it matter if your home is airtight or not? By effectively cutting off every opportunity for air to find its way into your home, you can improve your quality of life in many different ways. No more drafts means better-regulated temperatures and a more comfortable atmosphere. It also means that your HVAC will no longer overwork itself to keep up with your set temperature, thus saving you money with lower energy bills.

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Who Can I Trust To Air-Seal My Home In Florida?

For premium-grade spray foam insulation installed by experts near you, call Foam Bear Orlando today at (727) 580-1090! We have the skills and training to seal up the air leaks in your home to save you money on energy charges while promoting a comfortable atmosphere for every room of the house. Ask us about getting a free estimate on your next installation!