5 Reasons To Save Money In The Long Term By Investing In Spray Foam

There are numerous ways to save money. Some methods are incredibly effective, others not so much. While cutting out frivolous spending can put a few more quarters in your piggy bank, the experts at Foam Bear Orlando are here to show you all of the amazing things you can do with the long-term savings you’ll earn by investing in spray foam insulation!

How Spray Foam Saves You Money Over Other Materials

If your current insulation seems to be doing just fine, what sense does it make to spend more money on new insulation? Many Americans don’t even know how much they’re overpaying on electricity by neglecting their poor or outdated insulation. Spray foam has a higher R-value and sealing properties which is why many homeowners see noticeably lower energy charges after making the upgrade. This ultimately makes it the best choice for Orlando houses.

Now that you know how spray foam insulation can save you money, let’s explore the possibilities:

1. Use The Savings On Fun Home Upgrades

Have you ever made so many exciting plans for your home only to keep them on the back burner due to lack of funds or having to pay for other home necessities? Upgrading to spray foam can save you hundreds to thousands per year while preventing certain expenses like mold removal or pest control. These compounding benefits can give you the room you need for that kitchen renovation that you always wanted!

2. Set The Savings Aside For Emergency Home Repairs

Living in Florida can come with a great deal of surprises, one of them being emergency repairs after a heavy storm or hurricane. When you’re already overpaying on your energy bills, even a single emergency repair is enough to land a substantial blow. But what if you already had a budget set aside for these occurrences? By collecting the money you’re saving each month with spray foam insulation, you can build an emergency fund to tackle twenty rainy days and then some.

3. Negate The Cost Of Other Essential Expenditures

A bill is just a bill until they start stacking up. Water, insurance, internet, cellular, the list goes on and on. Since spray foam insulation can save you a good chunk of money on energy each month, you can think of it as your savings negating the cost of one of your recurring bills. As far as which bill, just pick your favorite!

4. Compound Your Savings With Other Money-Saving Upgrades

Saving on utilities with spray foam early is best when paired with other energy-saving home appliances. Say, for example, you save $60 a month with spray foam insulation. That’s already $720 a year back into your pockets. With solar panels thrown into the mix, you could tack on another extra $100 a month for a grand total of $1,920 a year in savings! But that’s only if you start on both as soon as you can so they can compound over time.

Looking for money-saving solar panels near you? Solar Bear has what you need to save cash on energy costs!

5. Realistically Plan For Your Big Dream Vacation!

If you’ve ever thought about going on a well-deserved vacation (and no, a one-day trip to the beach or your favorite theme park doesn’t count), the money you save with spray foam can move you along from the dreaming stage to planning for it realistically. That day might still take a couple of years to come around, but every dollar you don’t have to spend on your energy usage is a dollar that gets to be put in the vacation jar.

Start Saving With Spray Foam From Foam Bear Orlando!

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