Is Spray Foam Insulation Best For Orlando Houses?

The best Orlando homes have top-notch insulation. That’s because no matter how nice or extravagant the place looks, that can easily change with the intense weather that always finds its way back around. It’s also hard to appreciate the work you put into your home when you’re uncomfortable living in it, but that’s why we highly recommend spray foam insulation for fewer distractions and more pleasure.

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Why Orlando Homes Need Special Treatment

All Florida homes need proper insulation, and Orlando is no exception. With the gleaming sun, humid weather, and frequent rain storms on the agenda at any given time, there’s no getting away from all of the hazardous components that can tear through your average insulation. With poor insulation in Orlando, you’re likely to experience:

  • Uncontrollable indoor temperatures
  • Moisture weakening the walls
  • Mold growth in damp areas
  • Bugs and rodents seeking refuge
  • Constant drafts and noise leaks

Your Regular Insulation Won’t Cut It In Orlando

Most of your traditional insulation products aren’t equipped to handle the demands of Orlando living. That’s because many of them are designed for the average house, and Florida is anything but average. One of the main faults in regular insulation is the inability to seal up the gaps along the property. Air-sealing your home is beneficial in wet areas with high humidity because the added protection stops rain and wind from leaking inside. The moment fiberglass or cellulose gets wet, it begins to degrade and lose its insulative traits almost immediately.

Spray Foam Is The Best Insulation For Orlando Homes

If your typical insulation products won’t cut it in Orlando, then spray foam is the better solution. The consistency is dense enough to repel water, keeping it outside to prevent it from causing any damage. It also expands when applied, effectively sealing off openings that air and water could normally leak through. The main reason why homeowners upgrade to spray foam is its ability to save them money on energy usage, but it’s also the best choice in protecting themselves against the usual risks of improper insulation in the home, especially in Orlando.

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Yes, Hiring A Spray Foam Professional Is Absolutely Necessary

Once you’re sold on making the upgrade to spray foam, don’t make the mistake of trying to handle the application process yourself. While picking up a spray nozzle at the store may be tantalizing, installing spray foam is more complex than many people assume. The results won’t be what you had hoped for, and you will need to spend more money than you had anticipated by hiring an expert anyway.

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Let Foam Bear Spray Foam Your Orlando Home!

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