Is It Smart To Spray Foam Your Entire House In Florida?

Insulation is a vital component in every home, but is there such a thing as too much insulation? You’ve probably heard of some homeowners decking their entire house in spray foam and wondered if they’re actually receiving any sort of benefit from it. Like always, your local experts at Foam Bear Tampa are here with useful tips like letting you know whether or not it’s smart to spray foam your entire house.

What Happens When You Insulate Your Entire House

If you were to live in a home with minimal insulation and immediately walk into a house that’s been spray-foamed from top to bottom, you’re likely to feel the difference as you would night and day. Why is that? When you insulate your entire house with spray foam, you’ll experience:

  • Greater comfort in temperature and air quality
  • Added protection from pests and elements
  • Improved energy efficiency with optimal AC use
  • Lower electric bills with savings that stack over time

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Areas of the Home to Insulate

What do we mean when we talk about “top to bottom” insulation? We mean that in the literal sense, starting from your roof and attic to your floors and crawl space. Take a look at the benefits of insulating each area with spray foam:

Roof insulation is highly recommended as a way to shield your home from rain, wind, UV rays, and more. The top of your home is the first to be exposed to these elements which is why proper insulation is crucial in this area.

Attic insulation is just as important since it’s the only space that stands between your living area and the outside elements that can threaten your indoor comfort.

Wall insulation keeps extreme heat and cold seeping through your walls during peak seasons. Spray foam along the crevices and corners of the walls can also provide air-sealing benefits like preventing drafts, condensation, and more.

Crawl space insulation can keep your floors and walls from getting too cold or too hot. Not many homeowners realize how much your crawl space’s temperatures directly affect your indoor comfort.

Garage insulation works in a similar way as attic insulation. Your garage is like a greenhouse collecting heat from outside and has the potential to spread that heat indoors.

Complete Home Insulation Is Only Possible With Spray Foam

Those looking to cut costs with cheaper insulation will find out that you can’t properly insulate your entire home with your usual batt and roll sheets. Some materials like fiberglass and cellulose don’t have the capacity to offer ample insulation in certain areas like the ceiling, crawl space, or the corners and crevices of your wall. Spray foam is the only type of insulation that can easily insulate every area of your home, even in those hard-to-reach corners with its expanding properties for air-sealing benefits.

Let Foam Bear Tampa Insulate Your Home!

For effective spray foam insulation for your entire home, trust the experts at Foam Bear Tampa who come with valuable expertise and only use high-quality spray foam products. You won’t get the results you want with DIY kits, so call us today at (727) 580-1090 for a free quote on your next service!