4 Reasons To Get Spray Foam Insulation If You Recently Got A New Roof

Did you just undergo a new roof installation? This probably wasn’t on your list of plans for renovating, but now is the perfect time to update your insulation! Not many people get this opportunity which is why it’s best to capitalize on the situation. The professionals at Foam Bear Tampa are here to show you the benefits of getting spray foam insulation if you just recently got a new roof!

Spray foam insulation is becoming the new standard for home insulation because it’s more cost-effective with a longer lifespan and it provides a greater seal for regulating temperatures while keeping out threats to your home. This superior form of insulation is so versatile that even metal roofing can benefit from spray foam! But why is a new roof installation the perfect time to get it installed?

1. A New Roof Can Give You A Fresh Slate

Spray foam works best when it can provide an air-tight seal, and that can be difficult to accomplish with older properties. Getting a new roof is like having a fresh canvas to work with, making spray foam installation easy enough for foolproof application and the best results.

2. You Can Double Down On Energy Efficiency

Some homeowners get a new roof for improved energy efficiency. This is because modern roofing can now be made to withstand UV rays and other elemental threats so your AC can work how it should. Coincidentally, spray foam insulation was created for the same purpose. By getting new spray foam insulation to go with your new energy-efficient roof, you would quite literally be doubling down on the energy savings!

3. Spray Foam Can Help Prevent Damages To Your New Roof

The last thing you want for your brand-new roof is for it to suffer weather-induced damages much sooner than expected. Water is typically the main culprit when it comes to roof damage, but spray foam insulation can help ward off moisture with its waterproof qualities. In short, spray foam is able to stop roof leaks so you can enjoy your new roof for its expected lifespan.

Can Spray Foam Protect Flat Roofing?

If you have a flat roof installed, you can still benefit from spray foam insulation. In fact, insulating your flat roof is highly recommended because it’s more prone to water damage from not being overtly slanted.

4. Boost Your New Roof’s Structural Integrity

Your new roof may already be pretty strong, but there’s no harm in adding even more structural integrity to an already solid build. Since spray foam hardens after it expands and cures, it can strengthen the surface it’s applied to including roofing. For an even sturdier setup, you can spray foam the underside of your roof for maximum strength! You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your roof isn’t going anywhere.

Let Foam Bear Tampa Insulate Your New Roof!

Want to reinforce your new roof with premium spray foam insulation? Call Foam Bear Tampa today at (727) 580-1090 for a free estimate on your next spray foam installation! We know how to equip your new roof with high-quality spray foam using expert installation techniques to help your new roof last longer and to promote a safer and more comfortable home.