Best Metal Roof Insulation – Spray Foam

Do you still need insulation for metal roofing? Yes, you do! No matter what your roof or walls are made of, every building needs proper insulation for comfortable living. But what kind of insulation is best for metal? The experts at Foam Bear Orlando are here to teach you why spray foam is the best type of insulation for your metal roof.

Metal Roofing Properties

How does a metal roof differ from your traditional roof? Many people love this type of roofing because it’s much more durable and it tends to have a longer lifespan because of it. The sleekness of the design is also way easier to clean while giving a very satisfying appeal. And since metal shingles come in big solid pieces, it’s a more cost-effective option for larger buildings such as commercial establishments. The only major downside to metal roofing is the high thermal conductivity. It’s no secret that metal retains heat, so it only makes sense that being exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time would end up being a problem. However, that can easily be circumvented with high-quality insulation.

Fiberglass vs. Spray Foam for Metal Roofing Insulation

If you’re trying to stick to the cheapest route, you may be considering fiberglass insulation. However, going through with that option could result in you wasting your money due to it not working at decent efficiency, making it more worth your money to go with spray foam insulation instead.

The Problem with Fiberglass Insulation

Since fiberglass has to be cut into sheets before being placed where it’s needed, you’re almost never going to get a completely tight seal which is extremely important for metal roofing where it’s easy for air and water to slip through the cracks. Insulation for metal roofs also needs a very high R-value to combat the increased thermal conductivity, which fiberglass is unable to provide.

Spray Foam Is Ideal for Metal Roofs

Spray foam is the best option for metal roofing in so many ways. Most importantly, spray foam provides the tight seal that metal shingles need to prevent air and water leakage and it has a higher R-value which will reduce the intense heat to a minimal threat. Spray foam also has added perks such as providing sound dampening for when rain and hail bounce off the metal sheets, and the flexibility of foam can be worked into some of the more unpredictably-shaped nooks and crannies.

Dealing With Quick Fixes

People have been known to use spray foam to touch up their metal roofing with some patchwork directly on top. Since closed-cell spray foam is water-resistant, this is indeed a valid option for quick fixes. The foam can be shaped and smoothed down so that it blends into the formation of the roof, and a splash of paint can be used to disguise it all together. No one would be able to tell the difference!

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