Can Spray Foam Stop Roof Leaks?

Does your home tend to suffer from the occasional roof leak? After exhausting all of your options, you may be wondering if spray foam is the answer you’ve been looking for all along. Since it’s quickly become the preferred insulator, why wouldn’t it have the capacity to repel moisture? You’ll be glad to know that you’re absolutely correct in that assumption! But how does it work? The professionals at Foam Bear Tampa are here to share the secrets of how you can use spray foam insulation to stop roof leaks!

How Spray Foam Is Applied To Your Roof

The reason why spray foam is so flexible is that it starts off as a liquid during the installation process. That liquid is applied to the desired surface before it transforms into foam, expanding and solidifying as it goes through the process. This is what makes it so effective in sealing cracks and gaps that water can seep through, on top of being made as a waterproof solution. However, this only works when handled by a professional in the right circumstances. For instance, if spray foam is applied to a surface that is already wet, it can interfere with the curing process and result in a poorly-installed product that will eventually crack apart and give way, thus giving up its waterproof qualities. Spray foam must be applied to a clean and dry surface so it can cure properly and last as long as 80-100 years if treated properly.

Opting For Cost-Effective Spray Foam Reinforcement

Spray foam may be the best solution, but it’s certainly not the cheapest compared to fiberglass and cellulose. Even if you want to line the entirety of your room with this incredible material, the cost may come as an issue. However, there’s a way to use the waterproof qualities of spray foam to prevent roof leaks without spending nearly as much. Since this material is so versatile, you can easily apply it exclusively to the spots on your roof that need it the most! That way, you can save on the cost of materials while still enjoying the benefits.

Spray Foam vs Roof Leaks: The True Test

How well does spray foam hold its own in the face of water leaks? Under the right circumstances as mentioned earlier, with the way the insulation is installed and where it’s applied, spray foam can repel leaks indefinitely. Or at the very least, for as long as the building is sound and standing. The type of foam that you use also helps, as closed-cell spray foam comes with a higher density and is more structurally capable. This may sound like an impossible feat, but it really all comes down to the quality of the foam itself and the experts handling your installation.

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