Is Spray Foam The Best Insulation For The Exterior Walls Of My House?

When most people think about insulating their homes, they mainly think about their indoor insulation like in attics or crawl spaces. However, paying mind to your exterior walls can also help improve your quality of living at home. But what is the best insulation for the exterior walls of your house? Foam Bear Tampa is here to explain why you should go with spray foam insulation.

Why You Should Insulate Your Exterior Walls

Indoor insulation already does a great job of helping you maintain ideal temperatures within the home, so it can be difficult to see the need for exterior wall insulation. Despite that, homeowners who have taken the extra measure typically notice a significant difference because having the added protection helps block out high winds and rain. Intense winds can easily wear down a property, and any moisture that gets inside can lead to mold growth. Spray foam can easily combat these occurrences when installed correctly on your exterior walls.

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Spray Foam: The Best Insulation For Exterior Walls

What qualities do you need for exterior wall insulation? As mentioned earlier, your insulation should be able to defend against high winds and moisture. Another benefit to good exterior insulation is adding soundproofing to your property which comes in handy in noisy neighborhoods. Spray foam effortlessly addresses all of these concerns which is why we will always recommend it as the best choice for exterior wall insulation.

Closed-Cell vs. Open-Cell For Exterior Wall Insulation

Now that you know spray foam is better for your exterior walls, the next choice you need to make is whether to go with closed-cell or open-cell spray foam. Yes, there is a huge difference between the two. But the good news is that either one can give you desirable benefits.

Closed-Cell Spray Foam For Exterior Insulation

Between the two, closed-cell spray foam is more dense since it’s composed of cells that are more packed together. This is usually the most recommended choice if the goal is to shield your home against wind. The thick compound is also capable of repelling water and keeping it from entering the home.

Open-Cell Spray Foam For Exterior Insulation

If you’d rather go with open-cell spray foam, you will still receive the benefit of having a mold-free home because it’s able to absorb and trap moisture to dry it out before it can evolve into a hazardous problem. Open-cell foam is also a cost-effective way to equip your home with an effective sound barrier.

Does Open-Cell Spray Foam Need A Vapor Barrier?

Although open-cell spray foam is capable of absorbing moisture, it’s a common concern as to whether or not frequent exposure will cause it to deteriorate over time. For added protection and to help ensure the lifespan of your open-cell spray foam insulation, vapor barriers may be used to protect your insulation so it can continue to work at full capacity for a longer duration. Learn more about other ways to cover your spray foam.

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