What Parts Of A Home Can You Insulate With Spray Foam?

Technically, nearly every part of your home can benefit from spray foam insulation. As long as it’s away from any heat sources or electrical components, spray foam can be applied anywhere to promote a comfortable home. However, let’s dig a little deeper and discover the benefits of installing spray foam in certain aspects of your home with this helpful guide by the professionals at Foam Bear Orlando!

Attic Ceilings And Floors: For Regulating Indoor Temperatures

One of the most recommended (and most common) areas of the home to apply spray foam is the attic. Whether it be the floor, the ceiling, or both, good attic insulation is essential for maintaining the overall temperature of your home and allowing your air conditioner to run at peak efficiency. Although people use different types of insulation for their attic space, spray foam insulation has the highest R-value meaning that it’s the best at regulating temperatures.

Interior Walls: For Preventing Drafts

Some spots where insulation is needed most are in the corners and crevices of your walls, and that includes where the walls meet. Most types of insulation have a hard time sealing up these tight-nit areas, but spray foam insulation was practically created for these situations. Because of its expansive nature, spray foam is able to grow and fill in gaps and cracks until there’s no empty space left. Why is this important? If you’ve ever encountered drafts in specific spots in your home, spray foam insulation along the walls can stop that from happening.

Crawlspaces: To Prevent Mold Growth

Properly insulating your crawlspace is crucial for preventing mold from growing. When mold grows in your crawlspace, it’s practically impossible to notice without tearing your walls down or shelling out cash to hire an inspector. Spray foam is impervious to the effects of condensation which makes it an excellent choice for keeping moisture out of your crawlspace so that mold won’t have the right conditions to grow and spread.

Garages: To Keep Extreme Temperatures Out

Your garage is technically a room just like the ones in the rest of your home, and so it’s just as capable of transferring its temperature to adjacent rooms. That means if it gets extremely hot or extremely cold in your garage, that will most likely spread and cause the remainder of the house to reach uncomfortable temperatures that your AC won’t be able to keep up with. Again, spray foam has a higher R-value which indicates that it’s a great insulator for garages and for keeping outdoor temperatures out of the house.

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