Bad Insulation vs. A Bad HVAC – How To Tell The Difference

You know your indoor temperatures aren’t where they should be, but you don’t know if it’s your insulation or your HVAC. This is a common problem that we get a lot, so don’t fret! Your reliable team of professionals at Foam Bear Tampa is here to show you how to tell the differences in the signs so you know what exactly needs fixing.

How Bad Insulation or a Bad HVAC Can Affect Your Home

When the house doesn’t stay cool, people tend to assume it’s their air conditioner’s fault. Your AC is responsible for producing cold air, after all. However, you could have a perfectly fine HVAC system and still have issues with your insulation not keeping the cold air in. In other cases, it’s the exact opposite. Either way, you’re dealing with high monthly expenses on energy usage among other things. That being said, let’s get to the bottom of your dilemma so we can put this issue to rest once and for all!

Signs of a Bad Air Conditioning System

If you just put in new insulation but you’re still dealing with uncomfortable temperatures, there’s a good chance your AC needs to be either fixed or replaced. The signs pointing down this road are often pretty obvious once you know where to look. Many of the signs will stem right from the source:

  • Abnormal sounds: If you hear loud grinding, rattling, or groaning sounds, it’s most likely a problem with your AC since your insulation doesn’t make noise.
  • Over-activity: Your AC should only be activating as needed throughout the day. If it seems to be kicking on nearly every hour of the day, that’s not normal.
  • Smells or puddles: Take a look around your AC unit. If you notice any strange smells or see any puddles around the unit, those are clear indicators that warrant a professional inspection and possibly a repair.
  • Air production: Next time your AC turns on, get close to the vent and feel around. If the airflow is weak, or if the air feels warm when it should be cool, then some repairs may be in order.

How to Tell If It’s Your Insulation

If your AC seems to be running fine, your insulation is the next biggest thing that affects your home’s cooling system. They both result in extreme temperatures, but insulation problems are a bit more specific. Issues with insulation typically involve outside air causing problems indoors, such as:

  • Spontaneous drafts
  • Condensation
  • Pest activity
  • Outside noises
  • Wall discoloration

Bonus tip:

Your walls might feel hot or cold to the touch, depending on the season. This is another clear indicator that your insulation is the problem since your AC doesn’t affect your walls. Homeowners often use this as an easy way to test for signs.

I Found the Cause…Now What?

Once you’re able to identify the source of your home’s inability to maintain ideal temperatures, it’s time to call the experts. Even if you’re still not 100% sure what the cause is, having your home inspected is a good way to find out. If your AC is the problem, you could call your local air conditioning company, or some plumbers include HVAC repair in their services. If it’s your insulation, the best course of action would be to get it replaced.

Upgrading to spray foam insulation can solve your AC problem while offering additional benefits like a quieter home, a pest-free environment, and the prevention of allergy symptoms. Just make sure to hire qualified professionals like your trusted team at Foam Bear!

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