Let Spray Foam Insulation Help You Beat Allergies This Summer

Do allergies tend to slow you down around this time of year? You’re not alone, and you’re also not the only one to wonder why your symptoms flare up even when you don’t leave the house. The experts at Foam Bear Tampa have the answer you’ve been looking for! Learn more about how spray foam insulation can help you beat allergies this summer before reaching out to our friendly team for top-notch spray foam insulation near you.

Your All-In-One Allergy Barrier

Spray foam insulation has become revolutionary not just because of its high thermal properties but also because of its fluid and expansive composition. The chemicals are combined on the spot to create a foam that grows upon application. This is the key trait you need for an allergen-free home, and here’s why:

Controlling Air Quality for Pollen

When you seal off every minuscule entry point in your home, you prevent even the smallest pests and particles from finding their way inside. This includes pollen, allergens, dust, and anything else that can trigger various allergic reactions. Spray foam is the only insulative material that can achieve effective air-sealing benefits in the home, reducing the amount of dust in your environment by over 60%.

”What’s the best type of spray foam for preventing drafts?”

Technically, both types of spray foam can prevent drafts in their own way. Open-cell foam expands far more than closed-cell foam, ensuring that every gap and crack is sealed off completely. However, closed-cell foam is more dense than open-cell foam, making it nearly impossible for air to pass through.

Preventing Mold and Mildew Exposure

Sneezing from dust is a common allergic reaction, but it’s just one of many. Another common allergy is exposure to mold, and the quality of your insulation is the main thing standing between you and a moisture-free environment. Spray foam insulation, especially closed-cell foam, doubles as a vapor barrier that prevents the transfer of moisture from the outdoors to the inside of your home. If you can’t stop itching, sneezing, or tearing up no matter what you do, there could be mold already forming in your walls.

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Protecting You from Irritating Pests

Are you the kind to flare up whenever certain bugs or rodents are nearby? Spray foam can help with that, too! The reason why these pests tend to find their way inside no matter how careful you are when opening and closing the front or back door is because that’s not where they’re coming from. Depending on the size of the creature in relation to the gap in the wall, they’re most likely finding other ways inside your home. Expanding spray foam closes off these entry points to keep them outside where they belong so you can relax in a clean environment.

Can People Be Allergic to Insulation?

In a twisted turn of events, your insulation could be the sole cause of your allergies. However, this doesn’t mean that all insulation is bad. More often than you realize, allergy triggers from insulation only happen with older types of insulation materials (like fiberglass) that tend to break off into tiny particles and fester in the air. Unlike many other types of insulation, spray foam doesn’t present these hazards over time. Even after 80-100 years, spray foam insulation maintains its integrity to promote an allergen-free home.

Common allergic reactions to old insulation include:

  • Painful and irritating rashes
  • Difficulties breathing
  • Sore and watery eyes

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Promote an Allergen-Free Home With Solutions from Foam Bear!

Nip at-home allergies in the bud with top-quality spray foam insulation from Foam Bear Tampa! We’ll seal up your property with our premium products and reliable installation so you can rest easy in your own home. Call (727) 580-1090 today for a free quote on your spray foam insulation!