When’s The Best Time Of Year To Install Spray Foam? Summer

Many homeowners who want to get into the spray foam trend aren’t aware that there’s an ideal time for you to call your local insulation company. Yes, spray foam benefits you all year round, but the installation process requires certain conditions to achieve the full range of benefits. Find out why summertime is the best time of year to install spray foam and why it’s worth it to hire your local spray foam experts like the ones at Foam Bear Tampa:

How Summer Weather Affects Spray Foam Installation

Have you ever tried to glue something that was even remotely damp, just to have it fall apart in a matter of minutes? The same thing happens to spray foam when the area isn’t prepared right.

Summer is an ideal time to install spray foam because the heat helps ensure that the surface area it’s being applied to is completely dry. When there is no moisture getting in the way, you lessen the risk of your spray foam insulation becoming detached from your property’s structure and stripping you of all the benefits you were promised.

If I Miss Out This Summer Season, Should I Wait for Next Summer?

In Florida, summer heat tends to overstay its welcome. Spray foam doesn’t take long to install, so if you act now, you will have plenty of time to insulate your home. If you still happen to wait until the temperature cools down in the winter, it’s still possible to install spray foam in preparation for next year. Just call up your reputable spray foam company near you and they’ll know what to do!

Start Saving During Peak Energy Usage

Every summer you skip upgrading your insulation, the more you’re losing out on hundreds (and even thousands) in energy savings. It’s one of those things where it’s better to get in on it as soon as you possibly can because the benefits stack up over time. A single summer season has the potential to make enough of a difference to change your life. The money you save could put you one step closer to a financial goal, or help you prepare for that vacation you’ve always talked about. If it’s already halfway through the summer season, half a season of savings is still better than nothing.

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More Spray Foam Summer Benefits

Having high-quality spray foam insulation in place for the summer does much more than just cut down your energy costs. Summer weather is usually followed by certain disturbances that spray foam can keep out of your home, such as:

  • Bugs and rodents seeking shelter from the sizzling heat
  • Loud noises made by summer vacation enjoyers
  • Triggering allergens from blossoming greenery

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Is Spray Foam Insulation Useful All Year?

We emphasized the benefits of spray foam insulation during the summer, for both installation and living quality, but you’ll be seeing and feeling the difference during the winter, too. Just like how good insulation keeps cool air inside during the summer, good insulation can also keep warm air inside during the winter.

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For the Best Summer Insulation, Call a Professional

If you feel like you’re in a time crunch to upgrade your insulation during the summer, you may be tempted to try do-it-yourself spray foam kits. Self-applied foam leaves plenty of room for error, leading to wasted time and money. To ensure your property is suited for the challenges of summer weather, you’re guaranteed to get the experience you want by hiring a reputable spray foam installer near you. Need a recommendation? We’ve got your back!

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