A Look Into The Lifespan Of Every Type Of Insulation

No one wants to replace their insulation every few years, and most people don’t. It’s better to call it one and done, but is there a type of insulation that could pull that off? Let’s find out together! Read up on the expected lifespans of these common insulation materials before reaching out to your reliable spray foam installers at Foam Bear Orlando for top-notch insulation near you.

Fiberglass Has the Shortest Lifespan

Being the most common type of insulation, fiberglass is known for its low cost and availability. Its biggest flaw, however, is that it carries the shortest life expectancy out of most other types of materials. But despite only lasting around 15 years, countless homeowners throughout the country neglect to replace it once it outlives its use, causing many homes to remain poorly insulated.

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Cellulose Degrades Quicker Than Most

Those who have gotten wise to the downsides of fiberglass sometimes turn to cellulose as an alternative, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s that much better. Although cellulose has an average lifespan of 25 years, it doesn’t work well as an insulator primarily because of its inability to air-seal the property. It can also begin degrading as early as 15 years when exposed to moisture which is impossible to avoid in a state with stormy seasons.

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Mineral Wool Doesn’t Last In Florida

Like the previously mentioned insulation material, mineral wool also deteriorates faster in the moisture-ridden climate of Florida. As you can imagine, the softness of wool doesn’t offer the best protection against natural elements. That’s why the expected lifespan of mineral wool insulation spans 30 to 100 years depending on the location of the property, and in Florida, that would unfortunately be the lower end of the spectrum.

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Foam Boards Are Extremely Fragile

When untouched, foam boards can last a few good decades. However, assuming that styrofoam will stay perfectly preserved for that long is quite the reach. Like a foam cup, it wouldn’t take much for these boards to break or wear down from various elemental factors that can occur throughout the state. Because of how particular these boards are, they’re also not ideal for buildings with uneven walls and structures.

So far it’s looking like most insulation materials don’t seem to last any more than 30 years, especially in Florida. Spray foam is here to change that.

Spray Foam Easily Lasts a Lifetime

Spray foam is the top choice in Florida because it can last up to 100 years with proper installation even when exposed to moisture. This is achieved through expert innovation and practical design, being able to effortlessly air-seal buildings and repel moisture for guaranteed longevity. No maintenance required, no strings attached. The key is to make sure you hire qualified professionals for the task like the team at Foam Bear!

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