Can I Install Foam Insulation Without Removing Drywall?

You know you need new insulation, but the thought of digging behind your existing walls can be enough to give you a headache ten times over. No one wants to tear everything down like they’re renovating the place just to install a bit of fluff, but that’s why the professionals at Foam Bear Orlando are here to help you out! We’ll teach you how spray foam insulation can be installed without having to remove your drywall with something that we like to call the “cavity wall” method.

Exploring The Cavity Wall Insulation Method

There’s no other way around it, you’ll have to get past your drywall somehow in order to get insulation in and out. Thankfully, it’s not necessary to peel off the entire structure. For cavity wall insulation, you’ll only have to create a few small holes just big enough to allow a tube or nozzle to fit through. These holes don’t need to be any larger than an inch. and that’s easy to close back up later. Much better than replacing the entire wall, don’t you think?

After these small holes are made, all that’s left to do is fill in the space with top-quality spray foam insulation left to the hands of a qualified professional. We can do this for you here at Foam Bear!

What If There’s Already Insulation Behind The Drywall?

It’s perfectly normal to have some kind of insulation already installed behind your drywall. If this is the case, then it can be removed via a high-powered vacuum! This should always be done first before applying new insulation if you want the best experience.

Why Spray Foam Is The Best Choice For Cavity Wall Insulation

The main thing that gives spray foam an advantage over other materials when it comes to cavity wall insulation is its ability to expand upon contact. What better way to fill in a space that you can’t reach than with insulation that moves on its own?

How Spray Foam Performs

The way that spray foam works is that it starts off as two separate liquids. They are mixed together upon application which causes the combined solution to expand. Closed-cell spray foam can expand by 1 inch in size, but open-cell spray foam can grow even larger by 3 inches in size. This ability to expand makes it the most ideal choice for filling in space behind drywall, performing even better than injection foam in this situation.

Is The Trouble Really Worth It?

Cutting holes, removing old insulation, and the act of combining mixtures for spray foam application all seem like a lot of work just for upgrading insulation. By that time, is the amount of effort really worth the difference? Yes, it is. Spray foam is preferred for residential use because it has a higher R-value and offers more protection than other types of insulation. Plus, the money that you will be saving from lower energy bills and avoiding damages can be enough to pay for your spray foam over time.

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To get the best that spray foam has to offer without the hassle, just call your trusted professionals at Foam Bear Orlando!

Let Foam Bear Take The Stress Out Of Insulating Your Walls!

At Foam Bear Orlando, we’re pros at removing old insulation and upgrading homes with top-grade spray foam products, even behind drywall! Our expertise is why people love choosing us for all of their insulation needs. Call us today at (727) 580-1090 to get started with a free quote on your next service!