The Top 5 Uses For Residential Spray Foam

Spray foam has been taking the world by storm, becoming the top choice for effective home insulation and making its way as the standard for new buildings. But how, exactly, are people using this incredible compound? You can count on the experts at Foam Bear Tampa to show you the top 5 uses for residential spray foam so you can get the most out of your product.

1. General Insulation Throughout The Home

Of course, the #1 use for spray foam in the home is all-around insulation. However, you may be wondering where it’s being applied for the best results. A few of the most common and effective areas in the home to apply spray foam are the walls, crawlspaces, attic, and basement (if you have one). Spray foam can technically be used almost anywhere where it won’t be a fire hazard, but for the purpose of regulating temperatures in the house, those are the best spots to pay attention to.

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2. Filling In Unsightly Gaps In The Walls

The older the home, the more wear and tear that happens through frequent repairs, renovations, and so on. Sometimes, this leads to random holes in the walls that are a complete eyesore. Since spray foam can be applied anywhere and expand, it’s often used to fill in holes before being sanded down and painted over.

3. Reduce Noise Levels From Every Angle

A lesser-known fact about spray foam has to do with its sound-proofing properties. Open-cell foam, in particular, is especially great for drowning out incoming noises from outside. You can even get creative and apply spray foam around noisy pipes to dampen the sound! Reducing noise levels in any capacity does wonders for your quality of life at home, you just need to know where to install your material.

4. Prevent Entry For Drafts And Pests

Some locations are more prone to bugs, rodents, and other pests. If you live in such a neighborhood, then we have some news for you. Spray foam insulation can close up gaps so tight that not even a small cockroach would be able to squeeze through. This means fewer chances of running into uninvited guests while you’re just trying to make dinner in peace.

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5. Reinforce Corners To Prevent Mold

If you’ve ever seen spots in the corners of the ceiling or in the crevices where your walls meet, it’s because these are the most common spots where moisture builds up and encourages mold growth. A nifty trick for avoiding this is to reinforce these spots on your walls with spray foam insulation. Closed-cell spray foam is highly recommended for this use since it’s dense and is better at repelling water and moisture.

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