How Does Spray Foam Help Keep Pests Away?

Many homeowners have spray foam insulation installed in their homes mainly for its ability to maintain indoor temperatures, but did you know that it can also prevent pests from coming inside? The experts at Foam Bear Orlando are here to teach the many ways that spray foam insulation helps keep pests away.

What Spray Foam Does for Your Home

The main thing that spray foam insulation has over traditional fiberglass sheets is that it’s capable of expanding soon after it’s applied. This means that it can easily fill in cracks and gaps even in hard-to-reach places for a better seal. And while having a more reliable seal throughout your home is key to maintaining the temperature that you want, this ability doubles as a protective shield against all kinds of pests. In fact, keeping out pests is one of the many top benefits of spray foam insulation.

How Spray Foam Deters Pests

Spray foam insulation acts as a barrier that prevents pests from making their way into your home by blocking the way inside. It also helps that the composition is difficult (and nearly impossible) for bugs to penetrate which adds to the reliability factor. You can only get this level of protection from high-quality spray foam insulation!

Seals Up Entry Points

If you’ve ever had poor insulation, you may have noticed drafts coming from the gaps in your walls and ceiling. While this can run your AC and electric bill, these drafts also make it easier for pests to find ways to enter the property. All they have to do is follow the wind current until they find the perfect entryway. The expansive nature of spray foam insulation effortlessly seals up these small gaps making it harder for pests to locate any breaches.

Impenetrable to Bugs

Another amazing quality of spray foam is that it hardens as it dries. Its hardened state is practically impossible for bugs to break through, including termites. So as long as you go with spray foam insulation installed by skilled contractors, you’re guaranteed to see fewer bugs (if any) inside the home including the usual suspects like spiders, ants, and cockroaches.

Offers No Nutritional Value

With spray foam, you know you’ll be protected from bug infestations, but what about other pests? Since the synthetic foam contains no nutritional value to animals, larger pests like mice and rodents will have no interest in chewing through it and burrowing their way inside the building. As long as you commit to all-around protection with quality spray foam, these critters will continue to circle around the outside perimeter without making an effort to eat past the foam barrier.

Where to Get Spray Foam in Orlando

For high-quality spray foam insulation that can defend against pests, you can’t go wrong with Huntsman brand spray foam provided by the professionals at Foam Bear Orlando! Huntsman is known for its durability and air-tight seal which makes it a great choice for preventing all kinds of pests from infiltrating your property. Call (727) 580-1090 today for more information and to get started on a free estimate for a pest-free environment!