6 Top Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

When you purchased your home, it most likely came with traditional fiberglass insulation because it’s usually the cheaper option. However, fiberglass insulation only lasts up to 20 years before needing to be replaced. And since they come pre-cut, it can be difficult to achieve full coverage which can lead to air leaks, humidity, and mold. The experts at Foam Bear Orlando are here to explain the top six benefits of spray foam insulation so you can better protect your home.

1. Reduces Energy Costs by Up to 50%

Since spray foam can be easily molded into every nook and cranny, you never have to worry about air leaks which will relieve stress from your HVAC by not having to make up for the loss of conditioned air. Once your HVAC stops overworking itself in a more controlled environment, you’ll immediately notice the savings on your next energy bill.

2. Improves Your Home’s Air Quality

Preventing air leakage doesn’t only mean a more efficient air conditioner. Drafts are the main reason why dust and debris make it inside your home which can be dangerous to the lungs and lead to excessive coughing and sneezing. By closing up the gaps, the air in your home will become clean and refreshing.

3. Keeps Out Unwanted Pests

By sealing up the spaces in your home with spray foam, you effectively block any potential entryways for bugs and other pests. If you’re used to seeing insects flying or crawling around your house, you’ll most likely notice a pleasant absence of those critters once you replace your traditional insulation with spray foam.

4. Prevents Mold and Allergens

Mold grows in wet, humid areas and they especially thrive in places where it can be unbothered such as in the walls or in the attic where there’s less activity. Using spray foam to seal up gaps will prevent the humidity from outside to make its way inside where it can cause harm. Allergens can also stir up this way, agitating the nostrils of all those who walk by. Some of these allergens can become extremely harmful to the lungs if exposed for extended durations.

5. Extends the Life of Your AC

Since your HVAC won’t be working nearly as hard once your home is properly sealed up and contained, it’ll last much longer since the inner parts are being used less than before. You’ll also be saving money from less frequent maintenance and lack of needed repairs.

6. Reduces Drafts

If you’ve ever felt random cold spots around your home, it could be due to drafts. If the wind hits the gaps in your house a certain way, it can funnel its way inside and cause your HVAC to work overtime. This sensation is especially frustrating during the cold months when you’re trying your best to stay warm.

Switch to Spray Foam Insulation with Foam Bear!

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