Injection Foam vs. Spray Foam Insulation – Our Comparison

Contrary to what you may believe, spray foam and injection foam are not the same thing. Just because they both consist of foam doesn’t mean they have similar traits or have the same uses. The professionals at Foam Bear Orlando aim to clear up this misunderstanding by comparing the differences between injection foam and spray foam insulation!

The Difference In Physical Attributes

Water and oil are both classified as a liquid, but one is clearly thicker than the other. In a similar concept, injection foam and spray foam have distinctly different properties despite them both being categorized as foam. Spray foam insulation is rather lightweight and expands shortly after it’s applied. On the other hand, injection foam does not expand and has a looser composition almost like a liquid (or as close as you can get to a liquid while still being considered foam). This may not sound like a big deal at first, but for someone who understands and installs insulation, the physical traits of each kind make a huge difference.

Comparing The Application Processes

To put it simply, injection foam is used to fill in a space while spray foam can be sprayed onto any surface. It’s like the difference between filling up a glass with water and spray-painting a wall. The consistency of applying spray foam is much easier to control for an even coating which is essential for peak effectiveness. And since it expands, you can minimize the amount of substances you use. Closed-cell spray foam can expand by one inch while open-cell spray foam can expand up to 3 inches which is ideal for covering more ground.

When To Use Spray Foam Over Injection Foam

If you were looking to use foam for the entirety of your insulation, whether you’re replacing existing foam or working on new construction, then spray foam would be the better choice. Injection foam is sometimes used to touch up (or retrofit) existing insulation that has degraded but it’s impractical for insulating your entire property. One of the main reasons is the fact that it doesn’t expand, so more material would need to be used to protect the entire building. Since spray foam can expand, it’s good for touching up poor insulation and providing full coverage when necessary.

Reviewing The Benefits Of Spray Foam Insulation

Other than being more practical and efficient than injection foam, spray foam insulation offers many more benefits that any property owner would be glad to have for long-lasting results. Of course, spray foam is an excellent insulator with an R-value of up to 7 which is enough to maintain ideal temperatures, but it can preserve the building in other ways. You’ll notice fewer pests, less chance of mold, and lower energy bills. This is because spray foam offers zero nutrients for bugs and wildlife, it’s unaffected by moisture, and it seals up gaps to prevent air leaks.

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