What Are The Biggest Risks Of Having An Under-Insulated Home?

Having an under-insulated home may not sound like such a big deal until it begins to present some serious issues that are either dangerous or hard to ignore. The caring team at Foam Bear Orlando wants you to stay safe which is why we’re here to show you the biggest risks of having an under-insulated home!

A Threat To Your Personal Health

First and foremost, we care about your personal health and well-being. Having poor insulation can directly affect many aspects of your health, such as respiratory problems, skin conditions, and worse.

Introducing Or Worsening Respiratory Problems

As low-quality insulation like fiberglass deteriorates over time, small parts of its composition can come loose and be carried through the air and into your respiratory system. This means that toxic chemicals are entering your body and can spread to your lungs as you continue to inhale. It can already be difficult for the average person to breathe under these conditions, but someone with asthma may find themselves struggling even more.

Severe Skin Irritations

Other than entering your respiratory system, small particles from poor insulation like fiberglass can also find their way underneath your skin. This results in red and irritated skin as well as severe itchiness that’s hard to ignore. These symptoms can happen anywhere, including openings like the eyes, nose, and mouth. In some cases, insulation entering these areas can end up in emergency hospital visits.

Risk Of Cancer

Perhaps the biggest health risk that comes from deteriorating insulation in under-insulated homes is developing cancer. Outdated insulation like fiberglass is already a cancer risk, but the chances can increase if it’s not well protected.

Compromising Your Precious Safe Space

Your personal health is of the highest priority, but your quality of living is also incredibly important. Under-insulated homes often leave exposed gaps and cracks which can lead to mold after moisture is carried inside through the air. Mold can easily wear away at the building’s structural integrity until collapsing walls and ceilings become a higher possibility. These gaps can also make it easy for bugs and other pests to come inside and infiltrate your cabinets and living areas, ruining food products and creating an uninviting space.

The Importance Of Expert Installation For Optimal Insulation

Under-insulated homes can occur over time, but it can also happen when your contractor doesn’t have the appropriate skills and qualifications to get the job done right. To make sure your home is well-insulated to prevent many of these huge risks, you should find a reputable insulation company near you for the best results. Better yet, finding experts in spray foam insulation can give you an even better experience with the many desirable qualities that come from this superior form of insulation.

Update Your Home’s Insulation With Spray Foam From Foam Bear Orlando!

Spray foam is the best kind of insulation for preventing many of the risks that come with under-insulated homes. Call the experts at Foam Bear Orlando to learn more about what spray foam can do for you before getting a free estimate and scheduling your next installation! Speak with our helpful and friendly staff today at (727) 580-1090.