Can Improper Insulation In My Home Make Me Sick?

Have you ever wondered why you might be experiencing some troublesome symptoms while inside the comfort of your own home? You may have looked around everywhere you could with no sign of anything that could be causing your discomfort. If that’s the case, then the problem could be with your old, poor, or outdated insulation. That may sound like a stretch, but the professionals at Foam Bear Tampa will gladly explain how improper insulation in your home can make you sick.

Experiencing Allergic Reactions

Allergen sensitivity doesn’t only happen outside. You might believe that you’re safe from pollen and other aggravators as long as you’re inside, but compromised insulation could be inviting these suspects into your home. But dust, pollen, and allergens aren’t the only things being swept through the cracks in your walls. Moisture is also carried through the air, and damp environments lead to mold and mildew which can also cause someone to experience allergy symptoms like irritated skin and trouble breathing. But there could also be other reasons why you might be out of breath.

Suffering From Excessive Carbon Dioxide

When your home isn’t properly sealed due to poor insulation, there are going to be difficulties promoting proper ventilation. As the interior space builds up stale air, the balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide shifts for the worse. Of course, we need oxygen to survive, and being without it can induce symptoms like headaches, dizziness, and brain fog. People with asthma may have an even harder time dealing with the CO2-rich atmosphere. Even if you don’t realize it at first, this process can be compared to a very slow-acting death.

Exposure To Bacteria And Viruses

How can viruses, diseases, and illnesses be introduced into your home even when you don’t invite anyone over or don’t make physical contact with anyone? Many bugs and other pests are small enough to find and squeeze through the gaps in your walls, and some of them may be carrying bacteria and viruses. Other than the health risks already mentioned, you could also experience infections.

How Spray Foam Can Eliminate These Problems

Many of these problems sound incredibly severe, but avoiding these instances can be as simple as upgrading your improper insulation to a better kind. Instead of replacing your traditional fiberglass sheets with a fresh layer of rolled batt, consider spray foam as a more efficient alternative to the stuff that didn’t work for you before. The compounds in spray foam can repel water and moisture so you can worry less about a mold infestation. The way that it expands makes it more capable of providing a tight seal around your home so that no air, bugs, or pests can slip through the cracks. With spray foam insulation, you may never have to worry about your own home making you sick ever again!

Let The Experts At Foam Bear Tampa Clean Things Up!

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