5 Ways To Tell If Your Home Is Poorly Insulated In The Summer

Sometimes, the signs of poor insulation are so subtle that you might not even realize that something isn’t right until you actively seek out the right indicators. If you suspect that you might have outdated insulation but you don’t know what to look for, the experts at Foam Bear Tampa will show you a few ways to tell if your home is poorly insulated in the summer.

1. Your AC Kicks On And Off Repeatedly

It may seem like a common thing for air conditioning units to turn on and off repeatedly throughout the day. Although many homeowners believe this is normal, it’s actually a clear sign that your AC isn’t able to keep up with regulating your indoor temperature. It’s ideal for an air conditioner to produce just enough air to match your thermostat settings to last a few hours so that it only needs to be activated a few times out of the day. When your poor insulation doesn’t do a good job of trapping and maintaining that conditioned air, your AC unit will work overtime to make up for the loss. Spray foam is a great way to keep your home cool in the summer because it has a higher R-value than most other types of home insulation.

2. Condensation Is Forming On Your Walls And Windows

In humid climates like Florida, it’s easy for moisture to get swept up into your home if you have poor insulation. It doesn’t take much moisture for condensation to start showing up on your window panes, or even along the walls. These water droplets can be extremely troublesome since they’re unsightly, can leave behind water stains, and will compromise the structural integrity of your home if you allow them to weaken the wood that keeps the place standing.

3. Bugs And Other Pests Are showing Up Inside Your Home

During the summer, some pests (especially bugs) will look for adequate shelter to keep them out of the heat. If your poor insulation allows cracks or gaps, they’ll find them and let themselves in without an invitation. That’s why people will commonly find bugs, mice, and other creatures in their pantries and cupboards. Spray foam can easily fill in any gaps in your home to prevent these pests from finding a way inside.

4. There Are Drafts Present In Certain Spots

You may already be familiar with the “stack effect”, and if you’re not, it’s an important thing to learn and keep in mind. Air pressure causes the existing air in your home to get pushed up and out by any outside air that is able to swoop in through the cracks. This means that any cold air that you would want to keep inside will get swapped out with the hot air outside, thus giving you the exact opposite results that you’re trying to achieve. For the best insulation for combatting the stack effect, you’ll want to look into the beneficial properties of spray foam.

5. You Are Experiencing Allergic Reactions Inside

If pests can get inside through poor insulation, then so can allergens. If you tend to react to dirt, pollen, and allergen exposure, then replacing your old insulation with air-tight spray foam can help prevent you from getting sniffly and itchy when trying to relax in your own home.

Need To Upgrade Your Insulation? Call Foam Bear Tampa!

No Floridian has time to deal with the effects of having poor insulation during the summer. If you want the warm season to go by more smoothly, call the professionals at Foam Bear Tampa today at (727) 580-1090 to learn more about our high-quality spray foam and expert installation services. We’ll make sure that your home has top-notch insulation so you can stay comfortable even during the hottest days!