What Is The Stack Effect In Houses & How Do You Fix It?

Are you stumped as to why you can’t seem to maintain the temperature you want in your home no matter what you try? Your house could be experiencing what is called the stack effect. If this is your first time hearing about this phenomenon, allow the professionals at Foam Bear Orlando to teach you about what the stack effect is, how it occurs, and ways to prevent it from happening!

The Stack Effect Explained

Also known as the chimney effect, the stack effect is the process of increased air pressure causing indoor air to be pushed up and out of the building to be replaced by outdoor air. The reason why this occurrence is nicknamed the “chimney” effect is that it is very similar to the common phenomenon of air getting pushed through the chimney and out the top. This can happen due to a few possible factors.

Factors That Can Cause The Stack Effect

What could be causing the air inside of your home to pressurize enough to lead to such noticeable effects? Take a look at these common reasons for inducing the stack effect:

  • Conflicting temperatures. When the outdoor temperature is drastically different from your indoor temperature, the stark contrast can influence changes in the air and cause it to pressurize. This is one of the most common factors in causing the stack effect.
  • The height of your home. The intensity of your indoor air pressure may rely on the height of your home and whether or not you have a second story for air to travel and take up space.
  • The number of openings in your home. If you have fewer windows or other openings leading to the outside, you could be more susceptible to increase air pressure since there’s not enough allowance for a proper flow.
  • The current flow of wind. Days with increased wind will be when you’re more likely to come across the stack effect.

What The Stack Effect Means For Your Home

Aside from increased air pressure, how can the stack effect interfere with your home living? The quality of your home can greatly rely on how well it can maintain a comfortable temperature. The stack effect causes your conditioned air to be pushed out and replaced by opposing outdoor temperatures which can make you uncomfortable real fast. That means that during the summer, your cool air will be lost and replaced by warm air. Then during the winter, your cozy warm air will be quickly replaced by the cold outdoor air.

Ways To Prevent The Stack Effect

The key to ensuring that your ideal temperature isn’t lost to the stack effect is to set up your environment so that your air conditioner can work like it’s supposed to. That means creating a proper seal for encouraging proper airflow throughout your home, and maintaining your current temperature so that your AC doesn’t overwork itself. How can you achieve this type of environment? Top-quality spray foam insulation, when applied by industry professionals, can supply your home with an air-tight seal so that you can maintain the indoor temperature that you want and prevent the stack effect from occurring. Spray foam can also stop allergens from entering the home which is another common occurrence with the stack effect.

The Best Spray Foam Insulation In Orlando!

For top-grade spray foam insulation in Florida, contact the professionals at Foam Bear Orlando at (727) 580-1090 for a free estimate on your next installation! We use high-quality products to give you the best experience, and we apply them with years of expertise and skilled hands so that you can stop the stack effect from happening in your home.