Here’s How Spray Foam Insulation Can Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Summer is here, and so is the unrelenting heat. You might be feeling the temperature changes already, and in that case, things could only get worse from here. Instead of setting up fans throughout the house and admitting defeat, you can prepare yourself for the rising heat that’s to come by re-evaluating your home’s insulation. Foam Bear Tampa is here to show you how spray foam insulation can keep your home cool this summer!

It’s Not Your AC, It’s Your Insulation

When people are hot and sweaty indoors, they often blame the effectiveness of their air conditioner. It’s the AC’s responsibility to keep you cool after all. However, you could still be dealing with uncomfortable indoor temperatures even if you have the best HVAC system in the neighborhood. Why is that? Despite having a top-of-the-line air conditioner, all of that precious cold air that it’s producing can be lost to the outdoors if you have poor insulation. In fact, irregular indoor temperatures are one of the most common problems caused by poor insulation.

Why Your Insulation Isn’t Keeping Out The Heat

So what does the quality of your home’s insulation have to do with regulating your indoor temperatures? Houses aren’t perfect, and can often expose cracks leading directly to the outside environment. That’s a common occurrence, but insulation is meant to be a means to compensate for that fact. Proper insulation should act as a barrier to keep the outdoors and indoors separate from one another, but when that layer of protection fails to perform its task, then your home will be susceptible to outside influences. This includes temperature. Any cold air that is produced inside will escape, and any hot air outside will find its way inside. This results in unregulated temperatures and less-than-desirable indoor environments.

How Does Spray Foam Help?

Not all types of insulation are capable of creating a solid seal to block off any exposed parts of the home. For guaranteed results, you need a compound that can seal these areas and prevent the process of air exchange. The only type of insulation fit for the job is spray foam with its expansive properties. Spray foam is the only type of insulation that can grow and expand upon application which is a crucial skill to have for effectively closing up any cracks and gaps for a solid barrier. Only then will you be able to experience controlled indoor temperatures and make the most out of your trusty air conditioner!

Getting The Best Spray Foam In Florida

For the best spray foam insulation in Florida for keeping your home cool this summer, call Foam Bear Tampa at (727) 580-1090 to ask about our top-grade spray foam products and expert installation!

We use Icynene open-cell and closed-cell spray foam and over 25 years of expertise to ensure that your home is equipped to handle upcoming heat waves for comfortable home living. Icynene is currently a worldwide leader in spray foam technology which is why we gladly provide it as the #1 insulation product currently on the market!