What Is The Best Type Of Insulation For A Mobile Home In Florida?

Mobile homes are a great alternative to your typical housing for those looking into less expensive or low-maintenance properties, but you shouldn’t expect them to be perfect from the get-go. For better quality of living and to cut down on energy costs, you should take a closer look at the quality of the insulation. The experts at Foam Bear Tampa are here to introduce you to the best type of insulation to use for mobile homes in Florida.

The Difference Between Mobile Homes And Permanent Housing

Did you know that mobile home insulation is just as important as regular home insulation, if not more? Traditional homes have the capacity to be built with better materials on a larger space to account for thicker walls. On the contrary, mobile home designers are faced with many limitations due to size, cost, and resources. That’s why you’ll often see mobile homes built with cheaper materials and thinner walls. This means that mobile homes are much more susceptible to fluctuating indoor temperatures than your average house.

Where Should I Apply Insulation In My Mobile Home?

Now that you understand the importance of insulating your mobile home, you might be wondering where the best areas are to install it. Truthfully, proper insulation should be placed everywhere. But to be more precise, we’ll go over the most important places you should be applying insulation in your mobile home:

  • Underneath the trailer. Without quality insulation lining the bottom of our mobile home, any cool air that you produce inside can fall through the floor where it’ll be wasted. This area is also referred to as the underbelly, belly board, or bottom board, and not insulating it can be the reason why your trailer is unnecessarily hot during the summer.
  • On the roof. As heat rises, roof insulation is essential for keeping your mobile home warm and cozy during the winter. In the same way that conditioned air can fall through the floor while it’s hot outside, any hot air that you produce can rise and seep through the ceiling, leaving you cold in the winter.
  • Along the walls. As mentioned earlier, mobile homes are often used with cheaper materials compared to the traditional home. Since the walls are made thinner, it’s crucial to properly insulate your walls to maintain ideal indoor temperatures.

Spray Foam Insulation: The Best Type Of Insulation For Mobile Homes

Next, you may be wondering about the best type of insulation you should be using for your mobile home. While many people would choose fiberglass for its low cost, you’ll find out the hard way that you won’t get the results that you want because of its lower R-value and inability to drown out noises which is crucial in tight-night communities. For a higher R-value in maintaining indoor temperatures while saving money and providing greater sound-dampening qualities, spray foam insulation is the best choice for insulating mobile homes. Spray foam is also much easier to apply since you don’t need to measure and cut out any materials beforehand. And if spray foam is ideal for metal roofing, then it makes sense that it would also be a great choice for mobile homes that are often made with metal components.

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