Can Spray Foam Insulation Be Left Exposed?

Spray foam insulation is quickly claiming its place as the go-to standard for insulation. It’s easy to install, has the highest r-value, and lasts much longer than other types of insulation. But what can you expect after applying it, and are there any precautions you should be taking into consideration? Don’t worry, the professionals at Foam Bear Orlando will inform you of whether or not spray foam can be left exposed and what you can do to protect yourself.

How Spray Foam Insulation Works

Unlike some other forms of insulation that involve complex practices and extra steps, spray foam simply needs to be sprayed and applied where it’s needed. It begins as liquid compounds that are combined on the spot and expand in a matter of moments. After it has finished expanding, it takes some time to cure and harden before it’s considered finished. But since chemicals are used rather than pre-made sheets or other materials, people often wonder if extra precautions need to be taken. More specifically, people ask whether or not this spray foam compound can be left exposed. That all depends on where it’s applied.

When It’s Acceptable To Leave It Exposed

If you’re only installing spray foam in your attic or crawl spaces, there’s less need to worry because these are low-traffic areas of the property. The concern isn’t necessarily for health reasons, but rather for fire hazards. There is less chance of a fire igniting in the attic or crawl space where minimal activity is taking place. There is also hardly any sun exposure which could break down your spray foam and make it less effective and greatly cut its lifespan short.

When It’s Not Acceptable To Leave It Exposed

Any spray foam that’s applied in areas where there is frequent traffic and activity, like in livable rooms of a home or commercial building, is at risk of catching fire without the proper protection. Also, any spray foam that is directly exposed to the outdoors and catches direct sunlight can crack and break without protection, thus losing its insulation properties. But how exactly can you shield spray foam from reacting to these factors?

How To Seal Up Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam is one of the best insulators that money can buy, but it may still need the help of protective products in some cases. For example, thermal barriers can come in a spray-on form for easy application over spray foam to help lessen the risk of a fire hazard. Other times, a simple piece of plywood or a sheet is placed over the foam to shield it from exposure. If you’re not sure which option is best or you need help with spray foam installation, the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Foam Bear Orlando is here to help!

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