Do I Really Need to Insulate My Crawlspace?

Although crawlspaces are becoming pretty rare in most modern housing, you can still find them in many older homes. When left unprotected, the atmosphere underneath your house can be subject to dust, mold, and various pests. And yes, this can affect your actual living space in multiple ways. The caring experts at Foam Bear Orlando are here to teach you why you need to insulate your crawlspace.

Conditioned Air Can Be Lost Through the Floor

While insulating your walls is crucial in regulating your indoor temperatures, your conditioned air could also be lost through the floor. When this happens, your feet can become icy cold during the winter months even when walking around inside the comfort of your home. Effectively insulating your crawlspace with quality spray foam insulation can help maintain comfortable temperatures all year round.

Extreme Temperatures Can Find Its Way In

In the same way that conditioned air can escape through your floor, outside temperatures can also find their way inside by using your crawlspace as an entry point. Extreme weather conditions such as heat waves, intense cold, and even floods can infiltrate your crawlspace. If you’re wondering how your indoor temperatures are still fluctuating even though you’ve already safeguarded your walls with high-quality insulation, the condition of your crawlspace is likely at fault. For a tight seal in your crawlspace, spray foam insulation has been proven to show the best results in covering such a wide area.

Experience More Savings on Your Energy Bill

By effectively regulating the temperatures inside of your home, your air conditioner won’t be working as hard in order to keep up the balance. You can probably deduce this after seeing different patterns in your bill throughout the year, but your HVAC is responsible for most of your energy usage. You’ll already see a noticeable drop in your energy use after insulating your walls, but homeowners who have also insulated their crawlspace have seen a 15% decrease in their energy costs on average especially after going with spray foam insulation. This makes insulating your crawlspace well worth the investment.

Crawlspace Insulation Helps with Air Quality

Since dust, dirt, and hazardous spores can easily find their way into your crawlspace, you can bet that your indoor air quality will soon suffer as well. Poor air quality can instigate frequent coughing and sneezing to the point of requiring a hospital visit. To avoid this altogether and protect your well-being, you can stop the spread of pollutants by insulating your crawlspace. Spray foam insulation is the best type for this reason as the composition is able to effectively trap flying debris better than fiberglass insulation which tends to leave small gaps and cracks for airborne particles to squeeze through.

Let Foam Bear Orlando Insulate Your Crawlspace!

Spray foam insulation can provide the best protection for your crawlspace, especially when you have it installed by experts like the ones at Foam Bear Orlando. For top-notch spray foam insulation in Florida, call (727) 580-1090 today to talk to our friendly staff about a free estimate!