Live In A Noisy Area? Spray Foam Can Help Keep Out Sound

Nothing disturbs a peaceful day quite like the outside world trying to worm its way in through your walls. You can’t help what goes on out there, but you can shield yourself from it as much as possible. How can you do that aside from throwing on a pair of noise-canceling headphones? Your trusty Foam Bear Orlando team is here to show you how spray foam can help keep out sound if you live in a noisy area!

A Day In the Life of a Noisy Neighbor Victim

The first moment after waking up can set the mood for the rest of your day. You want to spend that golden hour preparing an aromatic cup of coffee to kickstart the senses in the most delightful way you know how, only to have your planned routine distracted by shouting, yelling, or the sound of loud lawn equipment.

Fast-forward to later in the evening, coming back home after a long day at work and running important errands. You deserve a relaxing movie night with your loved one and all of your favorite snacks. But just as you reach the height of the movie’s plot, a bit of commotion or banging sounds can jolt you out of your immersion.

For remote workers, these distractions can also cost you valuable productivity. So while sound-dampening your home can bring you peace and quiet, it can also help with the more important aspects of your day.

Name That Sound!

What types of noises could put a stop to your daily routine? You may come across a few of these annoying examples:

Nearby construction work

Ambient car noises along a busy street

Children playing during time off school

Neighbors with loud outdoor hobbies

The Sound-Dampening Wonders of Spray Foam

Can spray foam really make that much of a difference in drowning out sound? The way that sound enters your home is through the small openings that can be found in the various crevices throughout your walls and ceiling. By simply covering these gaps, the sound waves will have a harder time penetrating the surface. Spray foam is the best substance for sound-dampening because it expands to completely seal off these gaps and the compound is capable of absorbing sound waves.

What Type of Spray Foam Is Best For Sound-Proofing?

Between open-cell and closed-cell spray foam, the open-cell variety is better at absorbing sound with its porous composition. Any sound that attempts to pass through will stop in the foam and dissipate before it can reach the other side.

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Hire Professionals For Guaranteed Results

Before you run to the store, you should know that it’s not enough to spot-treat the gaps in your home with DIY foam in the hopes of easy soundproofing. For noticeable results, you need to hire a spray foam professional who knows how to properly apply the foam in ways that bring you optimal results. They will check for any possible air leaks beforehand and use proven strategies and techniques to address the issue properly. For the best spray foam experience near you, trust our team of experts at Foam Bear!

Let Foam Bear Help You Ring In a New Era of Silence

Tired of dealing with a noisy neighborhood? Call Foam Bear Orlando today at (727) 580-1090 for a free quote on sound-dampening for your home with top-notch spray foam insulation near you. Learn more about our open-cell spray foam products and what they can do for your home!


Spray Foam Errors: 6 Reasons To Hire A Professional Installer

Convincing yourself to invest in spray foam may have been a challenge in itself, and wasting your money on poor installation can make it feel all for naught. However, the cost of spray foam pays for itself over time which makes it a worthwhile investment as long as you go about it the right way. Your local experts at Foam Bear Tampa want you to have the best possible experience which is why we’re going over the main reasons why you should hire a professional installer to avoid spray foam errors:

1. Spray Foam Professionals Check For Air Leaks Beforehand

For efficient spray foam insulation, you need to know which parts of your property leave behind exposed airways. These holes are the biggest troublemakers, welcoming water, moisture, and infested air into your space. Air-sealing is a measure of your spray foam’s performance, but this quality is only useful if you hire a professional to inspect the property beforehand.

2. Experts Know How Much Foam Is Too Much (Or Too Little)

When most people DIY their spray foam, they make the mistake of believing that the thicker the application, the greater the protection. But by layering spray foam on too thick, it can remain in its wet and sticky state instead of curing all the way. Keeping tacky insulation in your property can introduce problems you could do without, like illnesses or damages.

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3. Licensed Installers Won’t Apply Spray Foam In High-Risk Areas

A professional installer won’t make the mistake of applying spray foam near fire hazards. When you hear that spray foam is fire resistant, it can be easy to think that it’s safe to put anywhere. However, being fire-resistant and fireproof are two different things. Spray foam is fire resistant because it takes longer to catch fire and spread, not because it’s entirely immune. An expert will know the safest areas of the property to install your spray foam insulation.

4. Your Trusted Foam Expert Can Give You Estimates For Curing and Off-Gassing Periods

The curing and off-gassing periods after spray foam installation can vary between projects depending on the size of the property and the type of foam that is used. This is something that may be hard to determine on your own, and researching it online won’t give you a clear answer. A professional installer will know how to give you an accurate estimate so you can steer clear and stay safe.

5. A Professional Installer Knows When a Surface Is Suitable For Applying Foam

Spray foam may be an incredible substance, but it’s not 100% perfect. A good example of this is how it won’t stick to everything like some people make it seem. There are some surfaces it won’t adhere well to, and the condition of the surface can also affect how well it sticks. For instance, a cold or wet surface won’t give as good results as a warm and dry surface. If done incorrectly, your spray foam layers could fall off and become wasted. Your local spray foam installers will be able to tell if a surface can handle spray foam or how to prep the area for effective installation.

6. Reputable Spray Foam Companies Don’t Use Cheap Products

Many of the spray foam products available to the regular consumer aren’t of the greatest quality and may not achieve the results you want. You could put time, money, and effort into a DIY installation and come out of it regretting your decisions. For the best experience with spray foam insulation, a professional installer will be able to supply you with high-grade spray foam products that you can only get through a supplier.

Avoid Costly Mistakes. Call Your Local Spray Foam Experts at Foam Bear!

Don’t waste your time and money attempting spray foam installation yourself. Avoid common errors with spray foam by hiring Foam Bear Tampa for professional spray foam installation near you! Give us a call today at (727) 580-1090 to receive a free quote.