Sump Pumps: How Spray Foam Helps Keep Your Home Dry

Does your sump pump keep overflowing come every storm or heavy rain? There’s a solution to that, and it’s pretty easy to implement if you know what to do. The trick is to keep your home dry with spray foam insulation so less water makes it to your sump pump. Read on for more details before consulting your local spray foam experts at Foam Bear Orlando.

A Sump Pump’s Role In Your Florida Home

Having a sump pump in Florida sounds like a no-brainer with how wet it gets over here, but there are times when you can’t help but wonder if it’s really doing anything to help your home. You may have come across overflowed sump pumps countless times because they can’t keep up with the amount of water that passes through your property, and the harder it has to work the more maintenance it requires. This can be a real drag, but you shouldn’t just give up on trying to use this system. With a bit of home improvement, your sump pump can work more efficiently and with less damage to your home.

How Does Spray Foam Insulation Help My Sump Pump?

You might have already heard about spray foam insulation, but did you know that it can do more than just regulate your indoor temperatures? It’s the only type of insulation to offer air-sealing qualities with a water-repelling substance, making it the perfect choice for supporting your sump pump system.

Spray foam expands during installation. This means that any openings that water would normally pass through can be sealed up to prevent any leaks that can make their way to your sump pump. Doesn’t the foam get wet when this happens? Open-cell foam absorbs and dissipates moisture, and closed-cell foam repels it entirely. Either way, you don’t need to worry about water ruining your new insulation. This way, you can keep your Florida home dry while encouraging your sump pump to reach its intended lifespan.

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Why This Is the Best Pairing to Combat Florida Weather

Having a house that can combat water damage is crucial in Florida where constant rain and storms aren’t going anywhere. Spray foam insulation and a working sump pump offer an excellent combo for dealing with this regular occurrence, ensuring a safe and comfortable home more so than if you only had one or the other. Plus, spray foam insulation does so much more than support your sump pump system. It can also save you energy, curate better air quality, keep out pests, and much more!

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Curate a Moisture-Free Home With Spray Foam Insulation From Foam Bear!

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