Keep Your Home Dry During Spring Showers With New Insulation

Have you ever had to deal with annoying leaks every time it rains? With the change in season finally here, we can expect some light rain coming soon. You can make sure your safe space is ready to go with an insulation upgrade! Learn more about how to keep your home dry during spring showers with new insulation before reaching out to Foam Bear Orlando for top-notch spray foam insulation near you.

What Does Insulation Have to Do With My House Getting Wet?

If insulation is installed within the walls, what does it matter if rain comes into contact with your house? You might not be aware, but your home’s exterior most likely has small gaps and cracks that lead inside. At that point, your insulation will be your only protection. Without this essential layer of your home, water will seep in and threaten the structural integrity of the house itself (by rot or deterioration) while opening many opportunities for mold to form and spread. All of this can happen even with a light spring shower.

The Worst Insulation For Water Exposure

If you think you’re in the clear because you have fiberglass insulation, we have some bad news for you. Many insulative materials like fiberglass, loose fill, and steel wool wear out much faster when exposed to water. Once the material has been eaten away, there won’t be anything left to protect your precious home!

The Best Insulation For Spring Showers, By Far:

Spray foam is the best insulation for protecting homes against spring showers. The liquid compound is practically moisture-proof, able to deal with any type of water including rainfall. This is just one of the many favorable traits that make spray foam the best choice for Orlando houses, but it goes much deeper than that. Spray foam also expands, eliminating gaps in your home so that water won’t make it inside at all. You could say that this amazing foam protects against rain in more ways than one.

How Does Spray Foam React to Rain?

There are two types of spray foam, and each one deals with water (like that from rainfall) in a unique way with both methods proving very effective:

Open-cell spray foam absorbs any moisture that it comes into contact with but then dries it out before it has the chance to bleed through the insulation and cause damage.

Closed-cell spray foam has a much higher density, meaning that water doesn’t even stand a chance of penetrating the surface, making it the best choice for protecting against spring showers.

It’s Not Too Late to Prepare For Spring Showers

If you upgrade your home’s insulation now, it will be ready in time for the light rainfall coming this spring. The process of removing your old insulation and replacing it with spray foam can take just a couple of days, or three days tops, as long as you call the right professionals for the job:

Even though spring is already here, it would only take a couple of days to prep your home for success in protecting you from the light rain just around the corner. You’ll be ready to take on the remainder of spring, and the next 80-100 years after that!

Who Can I Trust For Fast and Reliable Spray Foam Services Near Me?

Foam Bear Orlando is quick and efficient in removing old insulation and installing top-quality spray foam, making us your best bet for preparing your home for spring showers. Call us today at (727) 580-1090 and ask our friendly team for a free estimate on your next service!