How Long Do You Have To Wait For Spray Foam Insulation To Cure?

You might already know how long it takes to insulate a house with spray foam, but did you know that there’s a curing process that you need to wait for, too? Find out what comes after the initial spray foam application in this guide about curing put together by your trusted professionals at Foam Bear Orlando!

The First Step: Making Sure Your Spray Foam Is Tack-Free

After spray foam is applied, it starts off as a wet and sticky substance. The next stage is when it becomes tack-free. Being tack-free means that the foam is able to be touched without it feeling super sticky. A good way to test this is to take something like a toothpick or popsicle stick and place it onto the foam to see if it adheres to the foam. If it instantly falls off, then it is tack-free. The reason it will not adhere is because spray foam creates waterproof skin as it cures. This process usually takes about 30 seconds to a minute.

What Factors Affect the Curing Process?

Certain aspects of the environment can affect the spray foam’s ability to cure as well as its overall curing time. Keep these considerations in mind before having spray foam installed:

● High and dry temperatures can help expedite the curing process, making summer a great time to upgrade your insulation.

● Alternatively, high humidity and cold can hinder your spray foam application as moisture can get in the way of proper application.

● Thickness also plays a role in curing times. For example, thinner open-cell foam may cure faster than thicker closed-cell foam.

● Having ample ventilation in the room can also assist spray foam in curing faster.

You Need to Allow Time For Off-Gassing

After spray foam becomes tack-free, the next step involves allowing an off-gassing period which can take longer than the previous steps. Off-gassing refers to the process of airing out the airborne particles that are released soon after spray foam is applied. This is to ensure your safety after upgrading your insulation to spray foam without any negative side effects. The average time for off-gassing is typically 24 hours, but for larger properties with higher volumes of spray foam, this step may take up to 48 hours.

Signs Your Foam Isn’t Curing Right

By this time, it is crucial to perform an inspection to confirm that the spray foam installation is going as planned. You’ll be able to tell that your spray foam isn’t curing right if it’s still tacky after a long time has passed or if the foam isn’t expanding as it should. The foam may also emit a distinct smell during the off-gassing period if the compounds do not react appropriately.

Your Spray Foam Needs Coating. When to Apply It:

After your spray foam application is complete, you should protect it with a thermal or vapor barrier. This extra layer of coating can help preserve your spray foam’s lifespan while enhancing its insulative properties. Thermal and vapor barriers will become tack-free in roughly 20 minutes and be completely cured after an hour.

When Can I Come Back Home?

The simple answer is no, you can not be home while your spray foam insulation is curing. Your insulation professional will be able to give you an estimate for re-occupancy which is the designated time for when it is safe to continue living at home. Re-occupancy times are usually around 24 hours, but it may differ between properties.

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