Insulation Innovations & Trends To Keep An Eye Out For

Home trends don’t only involve wall paint and furniture. The more practical areas of your property do just as much to improve your quality of life and increase your home value. Of course, we’re talking about your insulation. Discover new insulation trends and innovations to look out for the next time you get an upgrade, and be sure to call your local experts at Foam Bear Orlando for top-notch insulation near you!

Spray Foam: Your Key to Innovative Solutions

When it comes to the future of insulation, spray foam is by far the most innovative material you can use. It doesn’t abide by the same limitations as other types of materials since it can grow and form into any shape, offers a higher r-value, and so much more.

Crafting Acoustic Spaces With Insulation

Creating acoustic or soundproof spaces comes with a unique set of challenges, but well worth it if you’re an online musician or content creator who needs a professional space to create the highest-quality sound. To achieve this, you need a fully controllable space which can be accomplished with the right form of insulation. Spray foam insulation is the best choice for this task since it’s the only insulative material that offers air-sealing properties. You’ll be able to notice the difference in sound quality throughout the room to give you the environment you need to go all out!

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Moving Forward With Sustainable Insulation

As a society, we’ve become more eco-conscious than ever, and that earth-loving mentality will continue to grow into the future. Choosing sustainable products is key, and when it comes to insulation, spray foam still stands as the best choice because it can last 80-100 years without maintenance. In comparison to other materials like fiberglass that need to be changed out every ten years or so, spray foam makes it so that you can insulate your property using fewer materials.

Prioritizing Cost-Effectiveness and an “Investing” Mindset

Sustainability goes hand-in-hand with cost-effectiveness which has been the hot topic of the past couple of years. Investing in spray foam insulation is the best way to experience both because it helps the environment while cutting costs to bring you more savings. Saving money on a one-time installation is only part of it. Since spray foam fills in the gaps in your property, you will experience less energy usage which directly brings down your monthly expenses.

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Flexibility for Unconventional Spaces

Currently, two types of homebuyers exist—the kind that prefers the unique charm of older homes and those who seek displays of modern architecture. Both types of properties require unconventional means of insulation that only spray foam can provide with its flexible composition. Homes that are any older than a couple of decades may not go by a basic layout, and modern homes may come in irregular shapes. Both of these are obstacles for pre-cut insulation, but a breeze for expanding spray foam.

Raising the Standard for R-Values

Regarding innovations in insulation, one of the most crucial has to do with advances in r-value, the main identifier for quality insulation. Average insulation materials typically go by an r-value of around 3 or 3.5, but closed-cell spray foam literally doubles that by offering a rating of 6-7.

Fighting Decades-Long Insulation Safety Concerns

Insulation carries the stigma of bringing about diseases or being “poisonous” through floating particles. Spray foam is putting that concern to rest by offering a liquid compound and installation requirements that address age-old safety concerns.

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