Vacuum Removal Of Old Insulation Is Vital In Florida, Here’s Why

If you’re looking to cut costs, save time, or both, skipping the removal of your old insulation before installing new material isn’t the way to do it. Neglecting this step is especially detrimental to Florida homes oftentimes leading to symptoms that are counterintuitive to the benefits of getting new insulation. This useful guide will show you why it’s essential to remove old insulation in Florida and how Foam Bear Orlando can get the job done right!

Is Old Insulation as Bad as People Make it Sound?

You might think that the warnings are a bit exaggerated, but ask any of our experts and they’ll vouch for the claims you see online. Old insulation must be removed as it can pose a danger to your property or lead to unnecessary costs. This is true even when your insulation is trapped behind a wall or hidden in the attic ceiling.

When you have remnants of old materials floating around, you’re likely to suffer the consequences:

  • Pieces of old insulation can get in the way of proper airflow. Without proper airflow, you may experience symptoms of poor air quality like allergic reactions or illnesses.
  • Old insulation won’t bring you the same r-value as when you first bought it. This means that you’ll be losing out on cash over time by making your HVAC play catch-up during extreme heat (or cold).
  • Because old insulation is typically dirty, the bacteria it holds can cause mold to grow. This usually happens in places where most homeowners don’t look every day, leaving the mold to grow unnoticed.

These are just a few of the most problematic occurrences that can happen when you don’t remove your old insulation. When you consider the additional factors of being a Florida homeowner, there’s much more to worry about that can be solved by removing your outdated materials and swapping them for new insulation.

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Installing New Insulation Over Old Materials – Is It Advised?

Plenty of homeowners make the mistake of believing that covering up old insulation with a newer layer is a way to get around the vacuum and removal process. This couldn’t be further from the truth, even with spray foam despite being the best choice for Orlando houses. Unfortunately, there is no “cutting corners” when it comes to insulation. But why not?

When you install new insulation over old insulation, you will still experience the symptoms we mentioned earlier. The previous material will get in the way of the new, causing the entire installation process to be all for naught. If you don’t want your precious cash to get lost in the wind, you need to take the necessary precautions and remove your old insulation first.

The Best Way to Remove Old Insulation

If money is an obstacle, you might be tempted to just rent a vacuum and get rid of the old insulation yourself. Unless you know exactly what you’re doing, you could be spending more hours on the task than you anticipated which can easily rack up your rental costs. Even if you have a thought-out plan, being near old insulation can be extremely dangerous. The safest approach is to hire an insulation professional near you to clean up your property for you.

For Insulation Removal and Spray Foam Installation, Foam Bear is the Best Choice Near You!

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