How Thick Should Closed-Cell Foam Insulation Be?

Closed-cell spray foam insulation is dense, there’s no question about that, but does it need to be a certain thickness for it to be effective? The requirement varies depending on the area being insulated, and it’s possible to go overboard with too much foam. The experts at Foam Bear Tampa will help guide you through how to properly apply closed-cell spray foam so you can achieve the best outcome!

Why Closed-Cell Foam Is the Better Choice

Open-cell spray foam is popular with homeowners who want to cover the most area on a budget, but there’s a reason why some people prefer closed-cell spray foam instead. They both have their advantages, but closed-cell foam has a higher r-value of 7 which makes it much more effective at regulating temperatures and saving energy. Much of this has to do with the density of the compound, plus its ability to close off gaps and repel water. Learn more about the ways that spray foam insulation preserves r-value before we move on to the exact measurements for closed-cell spray foam insulation.

Recommended Closed-Cell Spray Foam Thickness: Wall vs Roof Deck

Did you know that closed-cell spray foam can expand up to one inch? That might not be as much as open-cell foam which can expand up to three inches, but as you can probably guess, that has a lot to do with its dense structure. That’s why there are separate recommendations for each type when it comes to the thickness of each layer, and as promised, we’ll be going over closed-cell foam today:

Closed-cell spray foam needs to be 2-3 inches thick on the walls and 4-5 inches thick on the roof.

Why does there need to be a difference in thickness between these areas of the building? Wall insulation is important, but insulating the ceiling (or roof deck) is crucial because that’s the area that takes the brunt of most weather conditions. Therefore, it needs added protection from thicker insulation.

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Can I Stack Multiple Layers of Spray Foam?

The reason why we stick with the recommended measurements for spray foam insulation is because any more than that the solution won’t cure properly, resulting in poor results. But is it possible to add multiple layers on top of one another for added protection? That won’t work, either, and here’s why:

Closed-cell spray foam, when installed properly, will already give you the maximum amount of protection that it can offer. Piling more foam on top of it, even after it’s fully cured, won’t change the fact that your property will receive an R-value of 7. The only thing that you will accomplish by doing this is spending more time and money than you need to.

It can be easy to go over or under the recommended thickness for spray foam insulation which is why it’s always best to go with a reputable spray foam installer near you like Foam Bear!

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