6 Reasons To Add Spray Foam Insulation For Your All-Seasons Room

Nothing is quite as relaxing as having a room dedicated to enjoying the peaceful outdoor atmosphere right in the comfort of your own home. If your experience isn’t quite like you imagined, there’s a good chance that all you need is a bit of spray foam to improve the quality of your space. Explore the many reasons why we suggest adding spray foam insulation to your all-seasons room before reaching out to Foam Bear Orlando for top-quality spray foam near you!

Is Insulation A Requirement For All-Season Rooms? The Verdict: Yes.

The common trait in every all-season room is that the walls are primarily made up of glass windows. Think of it like a porch area, but enclosed with clear walls. These spaces are meant to be comfortable and enjoyed all year round (hence the name) regardless of whether it’s hot or cold outside. This room is the closest contact to the outside you will have in your home, and that’s precisely why insulation is a vital component in maintaining an ideal atmosphere.

The best type of insulation for an all-season room is spray foam for its versatility and high-insulating properties. Let’s take a look at some more benefits:

1. You Need The Highest R-Value For Temperature-Sensitive Rooms

No matter how thick your windows are, the glass won’t be able to shield you from outdoor temperatures as much as a solid wall can. You’re going to need insulation with the highest R-value to make up for it, and spray foam is the best choice for residential homes. Closed-cell has the highest rating of 6.5 per inch.

2. All-Season Rooms Can Rack Up Energy Bills When Not Properly Equipped

Regulating temperatures can also affect your energy usage. Without proper insulation, your HVAC will be working overtime to try and keep an ideal temperature within your all-season room. By insulating the room with top-quality spray foam insulation, you’ll be saving quite a bit on reducing energy usage from your air conditioner alone.

3. Sound Dampening Is Crucial For Glass-Heavy Rooms

Another drawback to glass panes is that sound can easily travel through. For a quiet and peaceful all-season room, spray foam can help dampen outside noises to help you build the perfect sanctuary. Open-cell spray foam is especially recommended for its soundproofing qualities.

4. Spray Foam Is The Easiest Choice For Complex Room Layouts

When you have a room with more glass and minimal walls, it can be difficult to find room for insulation. There may not be enough walls to place down fiberglass sheets, and filling-type insulation like cellulose and injection foam may not be effective with fewer walls to work with, either. Spray foam is the most practical choice for all-season rooms because it can easily be sprayed where it’s needed.

5. You Can Seal Up Window Casings With Spray Foam

A cool thing about spray foam that you can’t do with other types of insulation is that you can use it to close up the cracks and gaps along the window casing. This simple task can do wonders in improving the air quality within your all-seasons room, keeping out irritants that can induce allergies and illnesses.

6. Insulation Needs To Be Waterproof For Window Condensation

It doesn’t matter how fancy or expensive your windows are in your all-seasons room, glass will always form condensation when the temperature is right. The density of closed-cell spray foam insulation is able to repel moisture and help prevent mold growth.

Need To Insulate Your All-Season Room? Get Quality Spray Foam From Foam Bear!

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