Can Spray Foam Insulation Help With Noise Reduction? 9 Additional Benefits

Does your insulation only insulate? It could be doing so much more, and that’s precisely why spray foam is taking over fiberglass as the #1 choice for both residential and commercial insulation! Other than keeping the place feeling fantastic, spray foam can also help with noise reduction. But there’s more to it than that, and that’s why your trusted professionals at Foam Bear Tampa are thrilled to help you discover additional benefits that you’re sure to love!

Creating A Quiet Place With Open-Cell Spray Foam

You might believe that your current fiberglass insulation already has sound-dampening properties, being a thick sheet of fuzz and all. However, you could be experiencing a noticeably quieter atmosphere with newer spray foam insulation. Open-cell spray foam is the best choice for noise reduction since it can expand up to 3 inches in size, effectively covering more ground and closing up every gap that it spreads across. This also means that there’s more material for sound waves to pass through before dissipating.

With top-grade open-cell spray foam products installed by experts near you, you can cultivate an atmosphere that effectively prevents indoor sounds from leaking outside while simultaneously keeping incoming sound waves from coming through the walls.

Enhance Your Soundproofing With A New Roof!

New spray foam insulation will no doubt enhance the sound quality of your property, but you can manage noise levels even more when paired with a new roof installation with modern materials and unmatched expertise! Ask us for more info about services from Roof Bear.

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Is Noise-Reduction That Big Of A Deal? Yes, Here’s Why:

Now that you understand the basics of spray foam and its profound ability to bring you incredible noise reduction qualities, we’d like to introduce you to some additional benefits that you’ll be able to experience:

  1. You can finally enjoy a better night’s sleep!
  2. You’ll have a peaceful space to retreat to and relax to the fullest.
  3. Your precious pets will feel less anxiety from not being able to hear outside distractions.
  4. You will no longer worry about neighbors overhearing your conversations thanks to enhanced privacy.
  5. You can prolong the progression of hearing loss that comes from exposure to excess noise.
  6. You will have increased property value since every homeowner loves a quiet home.
  7. You can have greater control over the quality of your streams or recordings as a content creator.
  8. You will have more room to let the ideas flow as someone in the creative field.
  9. As a business owner, you can encourage a more comfortable environment for your customers and clients.

While this is already an incredible list of benefits, there are endless possibilities that come with having a quiet atmosphere to rejoice in, and it’s all possible with a bit of foam and the right professionals!

Get Peace And Quiet With Spray Foam From Foam Bear!

To promote better noise reduction for your property, call Foam Bear Tampa today at (727) 580-1090 for more information and to receive a free estimate on your next installation! We carry high-quality open-cell spray foam insulation for optimal sound-dampening capabilities and a quieter environment.