Predicted Future Trends For Spray Foam In 2024

At-home crafts and DIY projects have always had their fair share of enthusiastic fans, but these activities have become increasingly popular now more than ever. For all of those handy people out there, we’re here to introduce you to some neat projects that you’ll want to save to your bookmarks! Let the professionals at Foam Bear Orlando let you in on these predicted future trends for spray foam in 2024.

Thinking Outside The House – Landscaping Uses For Spray Foam

A majority of spray foam is applied where you can’t see it. Inside of walls, underneath roofing, basically, anywhere you need insulation. But as more people realize the value of spray foam, the more discoveries that are made in how it can be used. But did you ever imagine that spray foam would exist in your yard?

With how sticky, durable, and waterproof spray foam can be, outdoor use only makes sense. Spray foam is so versatile that homeowners are now using it as glue for building walls and structures made of ornamental rocks. But for something more on the practical side, spray foam insulation on exterior walls is a low-key way of adding extra protection without it looking tacky.

Can Spray Foam Patch Up Driveways?

Because of its ability to expand and withstand weather conditions, spray foam has been used to spruce up concrete to look as good as new. If you have cracks or broken-up pieces in your driveway or sidewalk, this sticky substance can be an effective solution.

Pipe It Down! Drown Out Plumbing Noises With Spray Foam

Even the most beautiful homes can lose their luster when the sounds of rushing water distract from the cozy atmosphere. Having that loud reminder of your pipeline system can be a real turn-off, but that’s precisely why homeowners are now using spray foam to mitigate the noise. Spray foam is rather dense, and so covering your pipes with it can keep them out of earshot. Fixtures that can be reinforced include:

  • Shower heads
  • Kitchen sinks
  • Toilet drains
  • Air conditioning vents
  • And more

Pests? Consider Them Blocked – Another Spray Foam Advantage

It used to be that homeowners would use spray foam for its insulation properties first and foremost. But after having a proven track record of decreased pest activity soon after installation, more individuals are jumping on board for the main purpose of keeping bugs and rodents out of their cabinets full of hard-earned goods. When installed by a professional, spray foam is able to keep out small insects and larger animals alike.

Revitalize Older Homes By Touching Up Aesthetics

Have you ever taken a tour of a lovely home, just to be appalled at the gaping and abundant holes that have emerged over countless years? Spray foam is a safe way to patch up these eyesores while paying mind to the integrity of the home’s delicate structure. The result is often a refreshed look while maintaining that timeless charm. This has become a popular method for individuals who want to save money on an older home.

Another great way to spruce up an older home is by increasing your energy efficiency with solar panels. It’ll help you save money in the long run, and it’s a proven way to go modern while still maintaining that vintage allure.

All Your Spray Foam Trends, Here At Foam Bear Orlando!

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