Is A Home With New Siding Still Efficient With Old Insulation?

Siding may seem a bit outdated, but many homeowners still use it for its functional benefits. Even though it can be effective in protecting the base of the house from certain weather conditions, you might be a bit disappointed to hear that siding may not do as much as you think. Learn whether or not a house with siding is still efficient with old insulation from the specialists at Foam Bear Tampa! We will teach you what siding is, what its limitations are, and what you should do for a better quality of living at home.

What Is Siding, And What Does It Do?

Have you ever seen a house that looked like it had wide shingles covering the exterior walls? That’s what siding is. Most people wouldn’t think much of it when they drive through the neighborhood since it promotes the traditional look that many of us are familiar with, but the design actually has a purpose behind it. By equipping your home with siding, any elemental or natural occurrences like rain, snow, or pests will slide right off the side thus protecting the base of the building’s structure. Siding can be made with all kinds of materials like wood, vinyl, and so on. Judging by all of the benefits you get from siding, it definitely doesn’t hurt to have it. However, you shouldn’t rely on it for everything.

No, Siding Does Not Insulate!

Not all protective components made for a house can double as an insulator, and this goes for siding. No matter how good your siding is, it will not be able to give you proper insulation since it doesn’t create an air-tight seal around the home. It also doesn’t have the ability to take a hit during extreme temperature changes, leaving you sweating in the summer and shivering in the winter. If you have old insulation, you will still need to replace it with new insulation despite having new siding.

The Best Insulation To Pair With Siding

Your new siding needs help, and we know just the thing. One of the main problems with siding which makes it an inadequate insulator is the fact that it still lets in drafts. The best way to eliminate drafts is by closing off every little nook and cranny, and spray foam is the easiest and most effective solution. If you still have old insulation, you can get the most out of your new siding with a fresh application of spray foam insulation for your exterior walls. This is the best way to prevent or reduce mold, pollen, pests, and drafts in the house while improving energy efficiency.

Why You Should Replace Siding And Insulation At The Same Time

If you’re already planning on replacing your siding, that’s the best time to replace your insulation, too. Why? When you remove your old siding, it creates an opening in your walls where it’s easier to reach the space where your insulation is. It’s like knocking out two birds with one stone!

Where To Get Top-Notch Spray Foam Insulation In Tampa

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